The Price of Life

It’s like we lost in a world of wanting to be accepted
Feeding into the lies, the truth is always neglected

Having sex with societies views unprotected
Giving birth to dreams intended to get us respected

Caught up in materialism and superficial glamour
Naw I’m not judging you, but sometimes you gotta lay down the hammer

Or gavel, or whatever, you see that’s the problem today
We afraid of being ourselves and living life a different way

We cover up our scars, with this name brand and  polo,
And conceal our worries of sin, by screaming out YOLO

We show dedication 4 things that lack substance
And we wonder why ignorance and consequences are in abundance

Everybody bout wanna be fly, but nobody is down to earth
Worried about self image, instead of focusing on self worth

Ray bands blinding your vision, and J’s running your life
Chasing her purity and treasures, instead of searching for a wife

Gotta hide how I feel, so I won’t be called a hater
We Worshiping fads,  money and fame, not the creator

Glorifying strangers, so by society they won’t be rejected
Just so the insecurities and self esteem issues won’t be detected

Lies and Lies, that’s all that’s in our ears
And we just keep accepting them until the pain disappears

The Wrong things feel good, that’s Devil playing his part
But we just accept it say that God Knows My Heart

But do you know it? Have you ever explored it?
Or when it cries out to you, you neglect it and ignore?

See they once had love, but it fell through the roof now what do they do?
They say “I’m doing me”   not realizing there on a path that’s askew..

See when you doing you, you not living life by the scripture
And unbeknownst to you, you painting God out the picture

But I’m not writing to be a preacher
Just trying to find a way to reach ya

So while we busy trying to count money instead of counting our blessings
Like late library books, these are overdue feelings I’m expressing

Beautiful Lies…. Yea I know they there not right, but I bought them
And that’s the Price of Life….

Beautiful lies…. The truth is so ugly, but it’s what we fear
And at all cost we often avoid it… and that’s the price of life ……

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