Throwback: Miseducation – Forgive Them Father..


Forgive them father for they know not what they do

We living in a time of ignorance
Everybody about money, but nobody Making Sense

We as people need to move forward, but we all keep moving backwards
If you going to do dirt, be smart and wash your hands afterwards

How you gonna tell me I’m the apple of your eye?
But you rotten to the core, when you sleep with other guys

How can you say that you are a man, and that you’re not the same?
But instead relations for love, you f*cking for fame

Why every time you are wrong, you always flip the script
Instead of facing your problems, you always Quick to dip

How do you take Kindness for a weakness, but ignorance you reward?
That’s a ship that won’t sail, but you still aboard

Everybody wants to talk but nobody wants to listen,
Everybody dishing out heat, but nobody’s in the kitchen

It seems we got things completely backwards
Instead of moving up we lowering our standards

Marrying Lust and Love divorcing
Instead of intertwining, it’s only about intercourse and

Cheat on your girl, when she gives you the world
And you give her the world, as you cheat on your girl

You give Him the Goods when, your man ain’t no Good
And when that man ain’t no good, you still give him the goods

How come the law refuses to acknowledge oppression?
And it seems with every bullet, they try to teach us a lesson.

We as Black people need to reevaluate ourselves.
You yelling free boosie, but can’t even free yourself

You have to be a student before you can be a teacher
You have to be a follower before you can be a leader

Everybody real but don’t know the definition
Might as well call real just another superstition

Lauryn hill told me and i found to be true.
“Everyday people lie to God too”
“So what makes you think that they won’t lie to you”

Nobody’s Being Real with God, so they can’t be with themselves
And if you can’t do that, than how can you be real with everyone else

Forgive us father… for we know not what we do

Inspired by Lauryn Hill

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