My Lyrics: Trust Issues

Original Song : Trust Issues – Drake

All we care about is finding that one person to share your heart.

But instead we take advantage and we rip that sh*t apart.

We all know that feeling when you think you found the one,

And we only growing colder, I guess It’s time I told you…..
I’m all done, f*ck it I’m all done , I said I’m all done, F*ck it I’m all done…..

Yea I’m always tripping, I need someone to listen, but it feels like I have no one
Cause I don’t trust these ……., I don’t trust these ………
They always tell me one thing, and show me something different ….So now I have no one……

And here we go….. Trust issues
Can’t let it go……. Trust Issues
Will It Show?….Trust issues
Can somebody let me know…..
My love’s gone, my thoughts lost , and I can’t retrace them…
Bad memories I can’t replace them…

Now my SHIELD up in a Nick of time to hold back my fury
Cause they reel me in again and again, I understand how they lure me
I’m tired of lies,  I’m tired of games and it’s a shame
My picture frame it dangles, cause you hanging and around and don’t feel the same
My emotions tied, your strings are loose
To certain degree, you left me wide open, I’m, too obtuse
I thought you had my back, I had no Caboose
Played with my heart that’s love abuse
Like a band director with his back turned, you mislead
Like you forgot October 31st , you mistreat
Our book upside down, I misread
Trust issues, Will make Them JET Magazine
What hurts the most , I did it to myself…
And it makes me feel as if I can’t handle anyone else
But then a new one shows up, Let my guard down
Let them in, and they turn my world around
Now you feel like you found your best friend
But now she feeling the same as you did, I swear this cycle never ends…..

That’s that shit that drives me crazy…
And that’s all that I been getting lately
And that’s probably why we scared to put some time in
We to afraid to be put through the same things again and again
Looking for some things, and I wish that I could find them in you…. In you

And here we go….. Trust issues
Can’t let it go……. Trust Issues
Will It Show?….Trust issues
Can somebody let me know…..
Can’t let go, the past shows, and I can’t escape it….
Bad memories I can’t erase them…


4 thoughts on “My Lyrics: Trust Issues

  1. Sad thing about trust: you’ll never know if someone will break it until it’s already broken. But then ppl don’t want to live their lives being guarded all the time. So what to do? Take chances and love every experience! I don’t mistrust ppl until they give me a reason to. And ppl will DEF show their true colors if you wait long enough. 🙂


  2. Trust issues are something else. It’s so easy to lose trust and so hard to gain it back after it’s been broken and tarnished. I really enjoyed reading this. Great job! Per usual.


  3. Trust. Easy to break, hard to repair. Listen to your head and heart, used together they usually don’t steer you wrong. Loved the read!


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