25 Years To Life

Life comes and goes. let’s face it.   We are not getting any younger.  Time is something of the essence, and one of the most valuable things we are given, we continue to waste each day.  The sad thing is, we can never get that time back and we often regret what we didn’t do yesterday while wasting time today.   We are worried about achieving things that society said we should be worried about at that time, and many times it resulted in unnecessary stress, or regret.  Sometimes we are so worried about life, that we forget to live life.  There is so much that the world can offer you, and can change how you see the world around you. I turn 25 on the 31st of March, and It’s time I start living my life to the fullest.   I feel there are multiple people in the same boat as I, and I’m here to challenge you.  It’s time to start living now and not withering away.  What the women say nowadays, “It gives me life”, well we need to give our lives some life.  With that being said, I’m sentencing all of us 25 years  to life and this is how we are going to serve them;  

1.  Stop Putting Everything On a Time Limit.  Yes often  time limits  encourage you to accomplish the goals you set; but when you fail, often we quit.  I hear people say all the time, “If I don’t have a kid by this age”, or “if I’m not married by this age”, then it’s not gonna happen.  We even put time limits on things like traveling, education, and other things that we can do as long as we are breathing.  That biological clock might be ticking, but why should it stop you from doing the things that you want to do?  Be spontaneous, be open to change, be open to waiting because the reality is sh*t happens sometimes, and things don’t always go the way we want them to.  Isn’t it much better to say, ” I haven’t done that yet” vs. “well I missed my chance at it?” Have more patience for yourself and keep your options open, you can enjoy life much longer than those with time limits.

2. Positive Vibes Only; Let Go of the Negatives.  Negative people and negative thoughts can hold you back from a lot.  No need to be around people who always have something negative to say, and no need to be that person who sees hell in each situation.  Misery loves company is cliché, but so true.    Stick with the positive people who you encounter.  Those who make you laugh and smile.  The ones who encourage you and support your ideas are the ones who will take your life to place you need them to be.  You will smile more and be motivated more when you have positive vibes engulfed in your everyday life.

3. Cherish Relationships and Express Yourself.  What’s more fun than having an interesting, fulfilling life?  Sharing that interesting life with those you build relationships with.   Get out and meet new people.  New people can introduce you to new things.  Even with your co workers outside of work, participating in company lunches, or happy hours.  But most importantly, you have to cherish your loved ones and family.  I’ve learned the hard way, that you shouldn’t be too busy for them.  They will most often be the ones who contribute to your happy life, so you want to keep them happy.  It’s healthy to stay connected with people who lift you up and you do the same for them.  Also express yourself and your feelings to others as well as yourself.  Being honest with the people around you and yourself can release a lot of tension and unneeded stress.  When you hold in feelings, you tend to attract more negativity to you.  Forget people who say, “Get out your feelings” They’re YOURS.  Strong bonds, honesty, and openness can equal a lot of fun in the long run.

4. Be an Impact to Others“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” ~ Albert Einstein.  It’s important,in my opinion, to be an unselfish person when it comes to improving someone else’s well-being.  I’m a firm believer that we receive blessings in order to bless others.  Also I don’t know too many people who are left feeling empty inside, when they see that they contributed to homeless man’s smile, spending time with a sickly child or elder, or building something for the community.  Giving back is uplifting to the spirit and something that can be fulfilling to you as well as others.  Try community service with friends and family.  It is usually fun to do service with people you mesh with.

5. Take Notice to the World Outside of Your Comfort Zone.  One of the best ways to do this is to travel!  I highly recommend you go to as many places as possible to soak in the culture and lifestyles of places different than  you are used to.  My first trip to Los Angeles was one of the most refreshing and relaxing moments in my life.  It was a whole new world of things I wasn’t use to. I gained a new interest in the west coast and their differences. I tried something new and it helped me gain a new sense of happiness and wonder about the world.  Also open up to new things with people.  Listen to their ideas,  take the time to actually explore why someone thinks the way they do.  A debate is often healthy because you are often learning new things, but you can’t learn if you don’t take the time to listen.  Try new hobbies or activities.  Anime was something I never thought I would like and it is usually looked at as nerdy, and not cool hobby. But it is very interesting and I found you can learn some everyday values from it.  Also take risks outside of your Comfort Zone.  Sometimes you never know what is waiting for you until you say F____ it.  I would not have moved to be in Grad school in Texas if I didn’t say F___ it and took some scary risk.  Sometimes leaving our comfort zone will allow you to learn more about yourself.

6.  Embrace your true self and accept others for who they are .  In society today, people have a very hard time in being true to themselves, and they don’t get help because someone else is always telling them what is wrong or what they should act like and be like.  We need to help each other out and accept each other for who we are.  I may not like what you do or how you do it, but that’s not my business.  We expect people to accept us for who we, then we have to do the same.  Most importantly, be you! Love you and everything about you.  Accept  the weird things about you, the flaws, the greatness and everything else.  That’s what makes you unique and likable.  Its something that I did fight for a while, and its hard when people constantly tell you something is wrong with you, but you gotta be the first person to appreciate and love yourself before anyone else can.

7.  Keep in Good Health Mentally, Spiritually, and Physically.  You can’t live  a fulfilling life if you don’t take care of yourself.  Mentally, make sure you keep yourself in positive situations like stated earlier. Don’t over do things or take on too much stress at one time.  Take the time to relax, breathe, clear your mind.  Music is great here.  Music keeps me down to earth and takes me away, mentally and spiritually, but that’s just me.  Find something that keeps your mind clear and calm.  Spiritually, be in tune with yourself, may it coincide with religion or if it’s just having a connection with a larger reality bigger than the one you can see.  Keep yourself motivated by whatever means that help.  I prefer legal methods but to each his own.  Also, physical health is very important and something I will definitely start to focus on.  We are getting older which means we can’t do all the silly things or eat irresponsibly anymore.  Working out also improves your mental and spiritual health as well.  When you feel better physically, there is so much you can accomplish.  Also get you some rest!  Kevin Gates lied, we all get tired.  Sleep is for those who wish to become rich.  You can’t do much with your mind or body without proper rest.  The mind, body and spirit act as one, and you have to find the proper balance.  “You are essentially who you create yourself to be and all that occurs in your life is the result of your own making.” -Stephen Richards 

8.  Count your blessings, not whats on your Bucket list. To keep it short and sweet, don’t worry about the things you don’t have and be thankful for what you do have.  If you can’t appreciate what you already have, how can you appreciate more.  Cherish the people in your life, the things you do have, the time you have, the opportunity you have, all the things some people wish they had.  We take things for granted sometimes because we focus on what we want.  We compare our lives to others, and trust me that’s not a good idea.  It’s cool to have things you want for your future, but never forget where you came from and what you do have.  You never know what new things you can discover from the old treasures.

9. Pursue your goals, and dreams.  If you want something, go out and get it.  Don’t let roadblocks and setbacks stop you from pursuing what you ultimately want.  I said earlier that you have to take risks, well, in order to fulfill a dream, you have to take risks.  There is nothing wrong with dreaming.  It is actually healthy to have goals and dreams.   Pursue the goals and dreams that make you happy regardless of income or societies thought of it.  When you do what you love, that is the best payment one can ask for.  Dreams are just a reality you haven’t built yet.  Be great in all the things you do and never let anyone or anything stop you from doing what you want to do in life.  I’ve always told myself  ” There is no downhill, I’m aiming for the top,  always climb and be damned if you stop.”

10. Channel your inner childhood when necessary   .                                     In my opinion this is the most important one.  The funny thing about being a kid again is that they do everything I just listed before now.  Children have no time limit.  When they want something they will continue to ask for it or search for it until its finally theirs.  Children hate negativity, and they don’t want anyone around them who is not nice or fun and searching for a good time.  They cherish their relationships with love ones and are trying to make new friends.  They love to please others and their parents being an impact in their life.  They always explore outside their comfort zone and they are some of the most honest people.  Children know how to have fun and they love seeing how the world works.  They are naturally curious and we need to remember this as adults.  It’s ok to take a break from being a grown up and sit in front of the tv watching cartoons and eating frosted flakes on the weekend.  Sometimes you have to be carefree and let go of the troubles of the world.  Channel your inner child and let loose!  Most importantly, HAVE FUN.

 These are just some ways to live a healthy and fulfilling life.  Sometimes its hard to focus and get by everyday, but often  you have to reevaluate and ask yourself, ” What makes me happy?  What do I want?  What do I need?”  When you ask yourself these questions, make your own list of things that will make your life fulfilling?   Leave a comment below, tell me your ways of living a strong healthy and fun life !

8 thoughts on “25 Years To Life

  1. Yes, turning 25 has given me a new outlook! Time is moving fast and we aren’t getting any younger! Got to make the most of it and appreciate the things that we have! Live life with no regrets and appreciate the beauty in everything! Good stuff Zeddy

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love it!! You made some great points!! Life is so short and we do get so consumed with life that we forget to live it. Something that sounds so simple we make it so hard.


  3. Great post, you nailed it. Looking in the past for corrections to the actions you made and trying to plan for the future is great and there is a time and place for it. But one of the keys to happiness is living in the present like you said. You could solve all the problems of your past and have the best plan/vision for your future but it doesn’t mean shit if you can’t snap into reality and manifest those ideas. Only in the present can progress be made.


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