Ciroc Thoughts/Malibu Dreams

Letting Go

Its been a while since I wrote anything.   My mind has just been shot.  It’s 4 am  and all these thoughts start parlaying through my head. The day has been full of interesting convos, interesting scenarios and moments that all lead me to one conclusion. It’s so hard to love these days man.  Forgive me if  this doesn’t seem structured or I ramble for a bit, but Ciroc and Malibu chilled with me tonight. Maybe I’m just in my feelings but damn why are my people so hurt?  When you speak on relationships or friendships these days, it seems like all we have to say is something negative. It’s like once someone “hurts” us, we forget all the good, we forget all about our future, and we focus on that pain that’s only temporary.  So much hate built up in the hearts of our young people to where we have conditioned ourselves to hate the idea of loving someone. We start treating people the same way that we were treated becoming part of the problem. Does that really make any type of sense?  We start saying the dumbest shyt. We start speaking negative things into existence and it just goes downhill from there. Let’s not forget those people who say what they are tired of or what they want but act the complete opposite.  You know those people who swear the opposite sex ain’t shit, but does the same thing as if they were looking in a mirror. Love is just disappearing entirely from my peoples vocabulary. Not just in relationships either . I blame it on the media, the past trials and tribulations and just plain ol settling for that hurt.  Let me tell you what I believe are the reasons we just can’t seem to forgive and let that hurt go and find a reason to love again… (The chick from Frozen singing let it go right now)

 It has happened to many times before – I know we got tired of running into the same problem over and over again. It’s natural to be like F it. But sometimes we gotta reevaluate the situation… What am I doing to attract the same bull? What am I doing to make sure im not allowing it again. Maybe I just have bad luck? Sometimes you gotta switch it up like Bruce Jenner 

Tired of people wasting our time. When you combine this with what I stated above. You just get restless in even trying again. But hey you still wasting time holding on negative energy instead of enjoying the good things in Your life. I’ve done it too many times. When you put in enough time for you, you will know when somebody will equally be worth your time. 

Our contradicting actions and skeletons –  we confusing ourselves and the people around us when we say one thing and do another. He want a real woman and tired of these hoes, but Dick keep entertaining these hoes. Or she tired of ain’t shyt niggas, but Vagina ain’t. These same ppl confuse themselves and find it hard to trust others because they know that they are doing the same things that they blame others for. The pot calling the kettle nigga.. 

Claiming negativity in our lives – I’ve always believed in the power of prayer and claiming things into existence with things I wanted. I believe the same when it comes to negativity. Conditioning is real and if you condition yourself to believe you will be single , niggas ain’t shyt, women ain’t loyal, and other things, you will believe it and live by it. Focus on the good things, speak on that more. Can’t bring negativity into new situations.. Misery loves company and Netflix.. But this time it really is just Netflix…

Didn’t listen to Erykah Badu- Yall called Tyrone but forgot to leave the baggage. We break our backs carrying that past hurt, heartbreak, and memories of what use to be. We forget to focus on ourselves, giving that past hurt all the power. Remember at the end of the day, you still have yourself. You didn’t lose out on you, they did. Treat yourself like you want to be treated and don’t settle for these spirit flying, bags cost extra ass people.. Enjoy that window seat for a while..

I have plenty more reasons , but hey it’s late and I was just trying to revive my brain.  Everybody turn your neighbor and say uneighbor I love you and give them a hug, because we need more love in these tiymes. Take the time too look at the positive possibilities of your future with it. And f o rgive for me for any errors, Ciroc proofread my paper … 

4 thoughts on “Ciroc Thoughts/Malibu Dreams

  1. This is probably by far my favorite post of yours. I mean damn. I related to it completely and even let a couple tears pop out. I agree with everything that you have said. I wish it were easier said than done but nonetheless it can be done. Keep up the good work. Drink Ciroc and Malibu more often. I love your unfiltered thoughts!


  2. Yes. Take the risk and be willing to be vulnerable again. We must pray for discernment, but also pray for the ability to forgive. I learned that you can’t blame the cashier for what the CEO did, and you can’t blame the new employee for what the former employee did. I took the leap, took a chance on love and forgiveness and vulnerability.


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