I’m Thankful

Well this year is almost coming to its conclusion and with a new year coming, there will be those new year new me’s and changes that we will focus on for two weeks. Still munching on this thanksgiving turkey and sweet potato pie (No not Pattie’s), thanksgiving brought many together to reflect and get their belly and spirits full. It brought families together to be thankful and the very next day we were fighting for TVs and Toys for our children, but we not gonna talk about that. What I really want to focus on is the simple task of being thankful and reflecting on what we have. The biggest problem people have sometimes and I’m guilty of it too, is that we count what’s on our bucket list and not on our blessings. What I mean by that is, we stress over what we don’t have and often neglect what we do have. So with that being said, let me share with y’all things I’m thankful of. You know I’m going to have some Mr. Feeny life lessons to go along.

First and foremost , Im thankful for God showing a presence in my life with the struggle and strength. It’s crazy but I do appreciate the struggle. The struggle helps you appreciate the other things in life that you have. It’s a part of your story that elevates you to a new level. I believe that God won’t throw anything my way that I couldn’t handle and although I may complain about it, I still find the strength to move on and continue to persevere. It takes strength to move on or continue to endure and that’s something you can’t take for granted.

I’m thankful for opportunity. I’m thankful the chances that I do get in life. When it comes to work, school, and life, I have to remember these things aren’t promise to everyone. I’m thankful for the things I do have that others may be wanting but lack. Like I said before, sometimes we are blind to the fact that we have the ability to obtain things that we don’t have and we fail to realize the value in things we do. The roof over my head, car in driving, food I eat, etc…

I’m thankful for friends and family. We may say, I don’t need anybody, or I came in this world alone and I will die that way, but let’s face , having people who have your back is something to cherish. The people that keep you grounded and make you better or cuss you out when they.  need to. I’m thankful for the healthy ones, the ones showing their strength and the ones who have passed and went to a better place. I’m thankful to be surrounded by so many talented and successful people. You can’t do everything alone, even Superman and Wonder Woman need help sometimes.

I’m thankful for Me. Yes I said that. I’m thankful that through all the heartbreaks disappointments, lies and hard times, that I can still look at myself and notice the reflection. Keeping your personality and goals intact regardless of what others think or how the world influences you isn’t easy. Self love is the best love, and I am glad i am continuing to learn how to love myself.

Lastly I’m thankful for the simple things. The simple pleasures of life so often get looked over. I’m glad I have access to my favorite hobbies. It’s the simple things that makes us happy, yet we neglect them going for the Big Bang. If it doesn’t take you much to be happy doing it l, then should be happy for it. I’m a nerd, playing the game, reading comics, watching anime. Takes little effort yet I’m calm and relaxed. Being able to take a nap, or going out for s drink with your friends. Waking up in the morning. Hell a little head every now and then 👀👀. Building relationships with people. It’s not hard to be happy, we just choose to make it difficult and I’m thankful for those little things in my life that hold a big value.

I’ve got plenty more reasons to be thankful, but I would be here all night. Just remember regardless of what you go through, you still have something to be thankful for. Use that to create more reasons to be thankful!

What are you thankful for? Comment and let me know ….

2 thoughts on “I’m Thankful

  1. I am thankful for all that I have been given and all that i do not have in my life. This year taught me God moves at a different pace than myself. Good read brother.


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