Marvel Music Monday V4

Every time I try and get peace of mind, a n*gga try and take a piece of mine, so I got to grab my piece….the first time I heard that line as the beat dropped on return of the G it’s like Hip Hop God spoke into my musical mind and said let there be light. Aquemini is one of those albums that makes you appreciate one rap with substance , prior to hearing this album you could say I was one of those cats who walked into stores looking for that pimp trick gangsta click album. Aquemini also blessed us with the classic that is Rosa Parks, I dare you sit still while this songs plays and I dare your grandparents not to have flashbacks between the 2:28 – 2:56 marks of party favorite. Though outkast will provide the songs for us to get it move to they wouldn’t be dopest group ever if they didn’t give us tracks to think about how we live on a daily. Those tracks that make you slow a down a bit and think about how we are living, tracks like da art of story tellin pt 1&2 , Mamacita , and of course the smooth ass track that is spottieottiedopaliscious. However, with all the dope songs as previously mentioned my favorite song on this album is the title track. The reason I’m such a huge outkast fan is because the way the kick their rhymes with the smooth story telling fashion makes me feel like I’m on Headland and Delowe with big boi and dre. The title track gives me that feeling more than the others with a beat that sounds fresh out the dungeon the flow sounds like you chilling kast on the corner as they kick to you shit that’s been on their mind lately. Aquemini may have been a little different to the Outkast fans upon release but as time went on and the more times this album was replayed I’m sure they see it as another Kast classic. * takes off shirt* NOW WHO ELSE WANNA F*CK WITH HOLLYWOOD COLE.

     On this Uncanny Inhumans variant cover, Outkast is replaced with mostly the royal family of the Inhumans.  The main Inhumans on display are The king Black Bolt, and his estranged wife/translator Medusa.  Why does he need a translator?  Well,Black Bolt has the ability to unleash great destructive power through the use of his voice, but even the slightest whisper will release his power.  He has the power to level cities at a whisper, and the power of a nuclear bomb if he gets too loud.  Medusa’s main power is her hair being pretty much super long and super strong with her having psychic control over it.  Right now in this issue, Medusa is currently fooling around with Johnny Storm of the Fantastic 4, who is also on the cover, as their whole race is threaten by a secret war going on.  I know we all are familiar with humans and mutants, but Inhumans aren’t as popular in culture as they should be even thought they have appeared on Agents of Shield and getting their own show.  Like Outkast and Aquemini, greatness and uniqueness was born through experimentation.  Millions of years ago, when humans were primitive, an alien race name the Kree, took these humans in order to create super humans  for war but abandoned them.  The Inhumans “went on to form a society of their own, which thrived in seclusion from the rest of humanity and developed advanced technology. Experiments with the mutagenic Terrigen Mist gave them various powers, but also caused lasting genetic damage and deformities. This led to a long-term selective breeding program to try to mitigate the effects of these mutations”.  One interesting observation is that Attilan’s society and culture are predicated on a conformist belief system which permits individuality.  What I like about this is how it compares to Outkast and there place in HipHop.  At the time before Aquemini, they did not have as much freedom on their albums as they were given on this third album.  ATL and its music had their sound at the time and thats why record labels wanted to push.  But like the Inhumans, they branched off from traditions to be an individual and create their own paths.  I feel like Outkast were pioneers of being themselves and going against what is popular and what those in power want to hear.  Black Bolt and the Inhumans represents the power in silence as his royal family represents breaking away from tradition of the council over them. Parallels, the power that Outkast had in them, and what happened when they finally were able to release it.

Introducing the Inhumans

Power of Black Bolts Voice

Outkast – Aquemini playlist

Artwork by Damion Scott and Nelson Daniel

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