2nd Annual Millennial Chef Showcase

Thursday, April 27, 2017 marked the 2nd Annual Millennial Chef Showcase sponsored by TheCultureSupplier.com and Us Alone Studios. The city of Dallas got to enjoy an event presenting good music, drinks and atmosphere paired with great food from three of the top millennial chefs in the DFW area. 

 Chef Amber Williams, Chef Will Webster, and Chef Jared Pierre showcased their skills with dishes that not only brought the flavor but also their personalities. Here are the culinary creations provided by each chef:


Chef Amber Williams

Southern Seafood Roll with a Cajun Dusted Potato Wedge and a Poblano Aioli Drizzle

 Main Course
Chef Will Webster

Smoked Gouda Mac and Cheese Cups with Shredded Oxtails Finished with Chipotle Aiolo and Jalapeno Relish


Chef Jared Pierre

Sweet Potato Pie served with Bourbon Pecan Praline Ice Cream and Honey Whiskey Reduction Sauce

 Each chef presented their dish and we got to hear some backstory on their passion for food and how they plan on changing food for the DFW area.

 Check out the video highlights from this year’s showcase. Special thanks to the band Black Renaissance for our musical entertainment and big thank you for our sponsors TheCultureSupplier.com and Us Alone Studios for supporting the culinary millennial movement.

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