6 Single’s Valentine’s Tips

It’s Valentine’s Day, so you know what that means! FEELINGS. A variety of feelings will explode today because of this one holiday, whether they are positive or negative. I remember on Christmas day, people were saying, Valentine’s Day is around the corner. I guess New Years doesn’t count.

First let me start this blog off with some things I find funny and take this day to smile and laugh.  Here are some facts and opinions I would like to share. Welcome to Valentine’s Day, the day of love. The day couples show how much they love each other, somehow making the other 364 days of the year “practice”. The day single people are suddenly aware of their singleness, and decide that it is now time to feel some type of way. The day where durex says condom sales are 30 percent higher, yet November babies will increase every year. The world don’t need anymore Scorpios. But I guess that’s why March has the highest number of at home pregnancy test sold every year #PullOutForWhat. Don’t channel your inner Roddy Rich! The Box is not a gift. Did you get a card today? Shout out to 50 percent of those cards for being bought at least 6 days prior, who says you can’t procrastinate with love? Where in Japan, women are expected to give Men gifts and Chocolates on this day, but try that sh*t in America. I’m still trying to figure out who Valentine’s is? We say it’s a woman’s holiday, but women purchase 85 percent of all gifts. #HowSway. I mean 15 percent of women buy themselves flowers, so maybe that’s why.

But enough of that, lets speak to the single people real quick. I know this day can be hard for some, and others quite frankly don’t care, but here are some tips to celebrate regardless if you lack a significant other.


  1. Love yourself – Yall know how I feel about self care! Treat yourself to something nice. Netflix and chill, with yourself. Spend all your hard earned money on you. Ain’t nothing wrong with going out by yourself. Just do it and do it proudly. Self -love is the best love. ( Side note, Changes is a solid Album)

love others

  1. Send love to other people – You might not care about Valentine’s Day, but know someone who does and is dreading the day. Send a gift to someone, and make their day, you would be surprised about how providing happiness for someone else can put a smile on your face. Go visit people who are also to themselves. Might even be a great time for some community service in the form of visiting patients, or elders in a nursing home.


  1. Celebrate with loved ones – This stems from number two. Like Patti Labelle said, “ Somebody loves you baby”. Just like they love those pies, you have people in your life that you love everyday. Show your mother love, father, and kids, anybody who means something to you. Go out to eat with friends. It’s the day of love, which means your love for anyone. People buy their pets Valentine’s Gifts believe it or not.


  1. Take the time to Connect with yourself – This coincides with loving yourself. Explore reason to why you are single. If you even really want to be in a relationship. Take note of the positives and the negatives. Take note in what you want in life, and what you want for yourself. Remember the things you love and prepare yourself for the future. I guess this a mental love yourself. In my mind, Heather Headley type ish.


  1. Treat it like you treat the other 364 days of the year – For some people, this is the go to solution. It’s like you’re oblivious to the day.  What makes being single any different than the other days you were single. Go on about your business and treat the day as you normally would. Nothing about your singleness is different than it was yesterday, and candy is half off tomorrow. Sound like a W to me.

  1. Be in your feelings – But then again, who am I or anyone else to tell you how you should feel on this day? Be in your feelings, they are yours! Deep-sea dive in them if you need to. The holidays are hard for some and you can be strong and nonchalant 364 days out the year, but sometimes Valentine’s Day is that final straw that breaks you. It’s understandable and sometimes is needed.   Some people need this day to be sad, bitter, or the number one hater, so that they can continue to be great the rest of the year.

With all of that being said, take the day for what it is. Enjoy it or ignore it how you want to. At the end of the day, it’s your choice. Just remember to do what’s best for you and the people around you!

Happy Valentine’s day or Singles Awareness Day ….

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