Marvel Music Monday V1


     I’ve never been much of a Tyler fan, but the key part in this series is to listen to the albums that inspired an artist to tie in a marvel hero. The wolf album was everything I expected and everything I didn’t. The first time I was introduced to Tyler’s music the youngster was eating roaches. So when I played the intro I was surely prepared for roach eating theme music .

     However, I found myself listening to a few tracks hearing smooth vibes in a song like Slater, a fire workout/ turn up song in Domo23 and also hearing shades of Marshal Mathers spread across numerous verses on the album. The biggest surprise was the track entitled “48” a satirical flow about drug dealers that focused on how some brothers in our communities destroy them from the inside out. Tyler may be known as the roach eating muh fugga but those who listened to wolf also knew him as a unique rapper with his own musical agenda.  – @Dashza3


 Doreen Green aka Squirrel girl was an outcast due to her genetic mutation, alas why she is called a mutant. Many mainstream comic and super hero fans don’t really know much about her, and more than likely wonder why she is even a hero because of squirrel related powers.

     But like Tyler the Creator, one must explore her comics to really understand the value she brings to Marvel. I’m not the biggest fan of Tyler the Creator, but he does have talent and some songs I can bob my head to. Just Like Squirrel girl has comics that will amaze you at what she can do.

     Her main powers are enhanced, strength, speed, agility, and reflexes, which you could assume on on the speed , but its a surprise on the strength. She also has small claws and a knuckle spikes. Her main ability is that she has an empathic bond with squirrels and can communicate with them. Something like Aquaman in trees. And check this, she has a utility belt with nuts in it, that give her an extra boost.

     You laugh at her when you see that long tail and those buck teeth stating that they are here to save the world until you realize she has beaten, Doctor Doom, Wolverine, Deadpool, MODOK, and Thanos of all people and she has done this in some of the weirdest ways, like telling her squirrels to collect all the garbage that smelled horrible and bring it to a fight for a distraction.

    The Verdict is in and this Hip Hop Variant cover definitely fits. Both Tyler and Squirrel girl are outcast or a little too different, but if you underestimate them, you fail to see their true talents and potential. – @BluSatire

Tune in next Monday for #MarvelMusicMonday and see who will cover next!

Artwork by Phil Noto

Playlist of Tyler the Creator’s Wolf

Squirrel Girl Moments

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