Marvel Music Monday V2



Every artists wants to make a splash when they release their first major studio album. Not only does the artist possess the desire to bring something different to the music scene, but leave the lasting impression that his artist or in this case artists have arrived.

      The title for Public Enemy’s debut project could have not been better. Bum rushing the hip hop scene with a unique sound that only the trio of Chuck D, Flava Flav , and Terminator X could bring you. This album set the stage for what PE was all about challenging women with a song like sophisticated bitch also kicking dope raps over hard cuts by terminator x such as MiUzi weighs a ton. As we know the 80s suffered heavy from the crack epidemic, which is why my favorite track on this album is the diss track to the bassheads. Megablast is a great track calling out junkies and dealers on destroying themselves and the community in which they live. 

     I can only imagine what it was like to hear this album in 87, the anticipation of what PE would do next after dropping such a hardcore debut. KICK THAT SHIT CHUCK , YEAHHHHHH BOIIII * flava flav voice* @Dashza3


 I know when you see the name Avengers, you initially think Captain America, Thor,Hulk, Hawkeye, and Iron man.  Well The Uncanny Avengers are part of an ongoing comic series that finds many members leaving and joining from all over the Marvel Universe.  The Uncanny Avengers stems from the conclusion of the Avengers Vs Xmen series (Imagine that on the big screen) which led to Captain America feeling the need to do more to protect humanity, inhumans and mutants alike while showing that they all can get along in the process.  

     With many members on the team, the original line up was Captain America, Havok, Wolverine, Scarlet Witch, Rogue and Thor.  Eventually some of these people left and some even died to form what you see on this variant Cover.  Shown from left to right is Deadpool, Commander Steve Rodgers (Captain America), Spiderman , Dr. Voodoo, Rogue and The Human Torch.  Not shown are Cable, Synapse and quicksilver who are also current team members.

        Like I said earlier, this new avengers team was built basically because captain America realized that while he was trying his best to save and protect humans, he and the avengers did little to protect mutants and inhumans.  This team is represented by all three and he aimed to protect all and unify the world as one while showing that we all can get along if we work together.  

What I like most about the Uncanny Avengers is how it mirrors some real life problems and scenarios of the real world.  Many people by now have made the correlation of mutants being comics Black people.  As Professor X and Magneto were modeled after MLK and Malcom X themselves.  The first leader of the inhumans, Havoc even felt ridiculed at being called a mutant, as he called it the “M” word.  He wanted to be treated and seen as a human first and not what his genetics made him.  Also with the introduction of inhumans later,  it shows that their are other minorities in the comic world who are no treated fairly because of their differences.  Also a “bomb” of a substance called Terrigen Mist, was released on earths suffering awakening and empowering inhumans or anyone with an inhuman bloodline.  This also is dangerous to mutants causing a rift between them as well, but also blame on some who have no control over the situation simply because of affiliation.  Sounds Familiar or nah?

      Like Public Enemy, The Uncanny Avengers aimed to point out all the inequalities and weren’t afraid to speak on them.  They both shared controversy with the government and world around them, yet they continued to fight for what they believed in.  Also, you can not tell me Deadpool isn’t the Flavor Flav of The Uncanny Avengers…… Bum Rush The Chimichangas – @BluSatire

Until Next time, catch us next Monday for another Marvel Music Monday!

Sidenote: Yo! Bum Rush The show turned 30 years old this month

Yo! Bum Rush The Show – Youtube Listen

Uncanny Avengers Breakdown

Art by Jason Pearson


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