Dear Fall : Perseverance

Dear Fall,

I know It’s been a while since we spoke.
If I told you about this year, you would probably think its a joke.
You know me, I usually keep it moving like a verb.
But this Woodford ironically got me feeling less reserved.
you see last winter, we thought it would be straight.
But it all seems downhill since we lost number 8.
and every 24, there’s more than names on our back.
See 19 will have you inside looking at the things you lack.
Or maybe it’s things you thought you had, solitude will make you reflect.
Like how is it, the ones we say we love we often neglect
and the ones most hated we still don’t protect
why is it that 400 years later, we still don’t get any respect
and when we try to speak out about our traumas and stories they deflect.
Then instead of minds intertwining, speaking together with reason.
You say the wrong thing, and like Aunt Viv you won’t get another season.
We arguing,ridculing, and instigating on a thread.
Instead of sewing together conversations on how we can get ahead.
Hiding behind keys, louder than a cough.
Ironically they want a future, but their mask off.

On top of this, its other things on my mind I want to eject.
Like how lately I find it hard for me to connect.
When you already feel alone in a room full of people.
You would think that solitude among 4 walls would feel equal.
And see Fall, you told me spring would bloom new beginnings.
But it seems likes summer is bringing new endings.
With questions like, do I really matter, am I on your mind?
Or is it finally time for me to leave my thought of spring behind?
See Fall I’m conflicted, Do I pick flowers still trying to survive in this heat?
And still come Autumn, try to catch scattered leaves in hopes that we meet?
Or do I bask in this sunlight alone?
Let the flowers wilt as I try to build something that I can someday call home?
See fall we do this every year, you love to make me choose.
But what would be missed most from the things you could lose?
That’s why you have to take these troubling summers in stride
If things are to change, is it worth letting go of your pride?
Fall I dont have the answers, and I don’t even know if I have the time
but I do know that this is just another mountain that I have to climb.

Sincerely Yours


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