Marvel Music Monday V7

Biggie was ready to die, while pursuing his dreams and supporting his family, while Scott was ready to shrink, to save his daughter, and turn his life around for positivity.

Marvel Music Monday V6

Nicki is a force in Hip Hop, and came on the scene with something different and powerful. Angela was left for dead, but through her strength, like Nicki, if she wanted something, she went and got it They both show that strength does not equal man and that a woman can hold her own and even overpower the men of their worlds.

Marvel Music Monday V5

Peter uses his Tech to better the world, while A Tribe Called Quest uses their music and messages to influence the community they care about while trying to give positive vibes.

Marvel Music Monday V4

Black Bolt and the Inhumans represents the power in silence as his royal family represents breaking away from tradition of the council over them. Parallels, the power that Outkast had in them, and what happened when they finally were able to release it.

6 Single’s Valentine’s Tips ( Repost)

It’s Valentine’s Day, so you know what that means! FEELINGS. A variety of feelings will explode today because of this one holiday, whether they are positive or negative. I remember on Christmas day, people were saying, Valentine’s Day is around the corner. I guess New Years doesn’t count. First let me start this blog off…

Marvel Music Monday V3

Like Public Enemy, The Uncanny Avengers aimed to point out all the inequalities and weren’t afraid to speak on them.

Marvel Music Monday V2

Both Tyler and Squirrel girl are outcast or a little too different, but if you underestimate them, you fail to see their true talents and potential.

Cover Talent: William Singe Back at It Again

William back at it again with the cover that enhances your favorite trap song into a R&B eargasim. This time he opens up with, what might be the most popular song in music “Bad and Boujie”.

Merry Christmas Lil Mama…

So Thursday night, Chance the rapper and Jeremiah decided to give us an early Christmas present. Merry Christmas Lil’ Mama dropped. No it’s not dedicated to Ms. Lip Gloss is popping, but an instant Christmas classic to add to your playlist with The Temptations, Run DMC, Boyz 2 Men and Mariah. Chance once again delivers…

Cover Talent : Alex Aiono William Singe

So I’m on Facebook, and you know how you watch a video, and some totally unrelated video plays next. Usually its something ratchet. Well this time my ears were blessed when I heard some of my favorite songs covered. If yall know me, I’m always remixing rap songs into R&B and Soul. So I research…

Losing Obama is Like…

Just a reflection of the 2016 presidential election year and feelings on what we would be losing once the Obamas Leave the White House. Also Like and subscribe. Comment me any videos you want me to talk about. Any subject, I will try to reply to and give my opinion on it. This is my…