Lost Light Forgotten Darkness : Turn Off the Lights

Im looking for her, Lord can you send a sign.
Are the lights off? Or Am I just Blind.
I found a new girl, always on my mind.
But we don’t move forward, cause she press rewind.
She been thinking about all the things he did yesterday.
She been thinking about comparisons in all the things that I say.
She thinking that something’s wrong with her cause they never stay.
She told me, she cant help it cause she threw her feelings away.

so those ties to love she severed.
she feels she cant make them better
Anytime she feels she can, that wall she put up wont let her..

I wanna tell the world about you, but my heart is too jealous.
so, how can I find you, when you cant even find yourself.

Turn off the lights, she not looking forward to,
A future in her past, because she know it wont come true.
A future in today, because shes scared of something new.
A future in tomorrow because fairy tales ain’t true.

Now Turn off the lights… and hear me out.
I understand that love is pain and That you have your doubts.
But if you close your eyes and listen to that whisper in your mind.
the truth and the beauty in yourself you will find.
I know you expect me to rush into something physically.
But Im trying to grow with you mentally and spiritually.
I heard that the past was just another one of his lessons.
So bubble in that answer and move on to the next blessing.
Im blind to what you use to be and what you use to see.
But with the lights off I can See the Future for you and me.
But I heard you some walls built around your cardio.
so while you steady running, I’m a find a way for those to go.
and for you I’ll pace myself through this marathon.
And when I catch up I hope your relay for life is won.
A gold medal for you when you defeat that curse.
And I got no problem with being in second, because I put you first.

So turn off the lights Im Looking forward to.
no need to the see the outside, cause the inner beauty I see in you .

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