LES (Love is East Side)


She real fine, Classy, southern belle type of chick.

Got my mind stimulated, any other time id be thinking with my di..

Im in the hookah bar texting like she my best friend.

Feelings involved now, this is where it started on the west end.

I’m Lucky, she a career woman, independent, no Kids.

And ima keep it that way,  hat on my head like i work at Lids.

And I aint talking about a conquest to sex.

I’m talking about keeping my head straight from a beauty so complexed.

See most dudes see girls, and try to run game.

Most women think we all gonna be the same.

Most girls try hard to keep their feelings hid.

Most men don’t hit the lotto with women but I thought I did.

And now I’m a mess..

i wouldn’t admit it, but hell its true.

ain’t no others on my mind, its just you

but she believe because I’m a man I have a few.

but its not like you don’t have plenty to run too. 

But she says, I guess I can still meet you halfway.

The east-side of her heart is where I want to stay.

The heartbeat is stronger on the left side.

Thats why I’m trying to make this journey from the westside

West to East  together it makes We.

So when the sun sets and rise, Like Donell Jones is where i wanna be.

But she not ready, and And She say we don’t  correlate.

And in my mind I’m like, what you trying to insinuate. 

Love is Eastside,  And who am I to hate?

I was just trying to bring you out of the darkness to illuminate.

She said actions speak louder than words, so I kept showing.

And I did everything that I could, but she kept going .

“Baby, you’re the baddest Baby, you’re the baddest girl and uh.
Nobody else matters Nobody else matters girl and uh.
We’re kissing in the bathroom, We’re kissing in the bathroom girl and uh. I hope nobody catch us, but I kinda hope they catch us …”

ooh Girl I wanna know, are you willing to try,

but its no good….

Ooh Girl I wanna know, can we see eye to eye,

but now your so far away,

And im here to say,

I will never quit, 

Hope you believe in this.

Because I’m telling you

That we barely knew, what we had….

What we had….

The fun we had…


Inspired By Childish Gambino 




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