False Paradise

It’s like I’m trying to live my life, but I can’t get right
20/20 vision, but still this world blurs my eyesight

Every since I got this S implanted on my chest
It seems like something’s aren’t changing for the best

I’m not the man of steel, but I’m still the same
So even when I’m flying high, Still Lois in my lane

They say that every person has their kryptonite
Well are you the reason I don’t sleep at night

It’s so funny how quickly change can tempt me.
And at the end of the day the pocket to my heart is still empty

My biggest fear is losing what I have for what I gain
And no knowledge of how to keep it drives me insane.

It’s like the more I progress the more I become confused
The more I fear for my heart being used

The new ones telling me they won’t forget me
And the ones I had before telling me they want to quit me

It’s like they make their decision, before they even know me
Tell me they love me before they even Show me

Is it because they think that now my motives are different
Or do they think I don’t want one, I just want a shipment

Now you ignore me, me because you think I’m fake
But you never took the time so that you could relate

Or is it because I never made the time
Why cant things be the same, like when I make things Rhyme?

Damn, now tell me am I doing something right or wrong?
Am I weak or Am I strong?

Do I leave, or is this where I belong?
So confused, is this a poem or is it a song?

This the one time where I shouldn’t leave the past behind
And now that I’m blue, I’m wishing you were colorblind …..
“Tell me, who did I leave behind?
You think you it got to me I can just read your mind….
You think I’m so caught up in where, I am right now”
But believe I remember it all……..

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