30 for 30 – 717

Thoughts on Makers….  
    Nowadays relationships don’t even start because people are to afraid to give up their freedom, and want the other person to put in all the effort. They have that it’s all about me mindset and not ready for an us mindset.. I use to think of all the things I wanted in a relationship, but slowly I progressed to the mindset of what is it I want to give in a relationship In order to make it grow. But it’s crazy how we can’t even get to the point of building these days. We tear down the dream before it’s even realized. Want to know another reason this is? Society Norms…..

    Gender roles and double standards are used as foundations, instead of a person’s personality, spirituality, and having ability to love and progress with you, despite the material things and society rules. We worry about what others will think way too much instead of focusing on the things that make us happy. I know it’s a natural thing to do but, sometimes you gotta say fuck your opinion… Bottom line is, people are afraid of an unknown future and are comfortable with a static self.. The love what they can manipulate and control, but fear what they don’t know or understand may be wrong , but it’s just an opinion…. Sips whiskey ….

thirty days, 30 minutes.. Join the challenge of just writing your thoughts down in complete silence free from distraction.. I will share some with Yall …

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