30 for 30 : 6 Things Wrong With Social Media

We love our social media.  it is a vital part of some of our lives.  Although there can be some positives that come with it, we have to speak on the negativity today.  As a part of this writing challenge, I was tasked with listing 5 things wrong with social media.  I chose to write six because I like to go one step beyond.

  1. Many people lose the ability to think independently – We see it everyday, but many of the times we are oblivious to the effect.  Sure its great to want to be a part of a movement, but what happens when the next big trend is discovered?  We move on forgetting what we invested in two weeks ago.  We get so wrapped up in the trends and movements that go on, that we sometimes blindly follow peoples ideas without really taking the time to think, if we actually care or if I’m just doing this to look cool.  Sometimes the stuff doesn’t even seem logical yet we still follow.  Sometimes we follow because we have that pressure on us to “Stay Woke”.   Remember Stop Kony? Bring back our girls? You probably don’t know that they have footage of those missing girls and they are still alive.  The influence is strong and peer pressure is so much easier to get enwrapped in on social media.  Sometimes its best to “Stay Sleep
  2. Communication without the internet is detirioating – I’ve talked about this plenty of times.  We are so enamored in our phones, that we lose touch with our communication skills.  We talk like the shortcuts, we use in text messages.  We lose the ability to flow in conversations, because replies don’t need to be immediate.  Face to face convos.  People also tend to have a lot more to say on social media than they would in real life.  Sliding in dms, is an art form now.  I have even found times where instead of texting or calling me, some one  mentions me on a social media app to tell me something important?  Pretty soon we will all be mute.
  3. Cyber Bullying – Cyber bullying is at an all-time high, and you know what the worse part about it is?  We don’t know we are doing it 80 percent of the time.  Think back when you saw something embarrassing and decided to post it on Instagram for the world to see, do you know you probably just smashed somebody confidence and self esteem.  Make one mistake on social media, and everyone is laughing at you, making a joke or meme about you, or even mentioning you and directly talking about you. People will say the most hurtful things to someone they don’t even know just for a like and a share.  You have to watch your back with every move you make on social media, because you never know who is ready to shame you to the world.
  4. Distraction from the world outside of the internet- Get your phone and delete all your social media apps for just one day and put your phone on airplane mode.  I guarantee you, you will have the most productive day ever.  Social media can be addictive and it can very well turn into someones life, daily routine, or home.  There is so much we miss out on because we are in our phones.  Snapchat kills me at parties and events.  I have literally seen people stricken with boredom at a party, but as soon as the perfect song comes on, they catch the holy ghost of Lit, and snapchat has a memory.  People will be in a public setting with things going on around them, distracted by social media.
  5. False sense of Importance – Popularity contest have moved from hallway to the timeline.  So many people are dehydrated for a like its crazy.  Likes and comments dictate who is who these days and who gets the follows and support.  It makes some ordinary people superstars these days.  People really find a sense of importance with the attention they get on social media.  And its not just the the people, it the events as well.  People will literally be afraid to miss out on parties and events they see on Instagram.  People will post their  snaps making a party or place seem like the place to be, and we get that feeling of wishing we were there.  Social media has given unimportant things  and people power.  Internet stars get more love than the people you know in real life
  6. Its Hard to distinguish reality from fiction –  Social media can either be a bundle of truth, or stack of lies. The problem is, you don’t really know when you are receiving the truth or a lie.  Personalities are completely different than real life counterparts.  You can’t hear the tone or see the face of a person typing unless they specify it.    Trolling is so relevant in social media, that you don’t know if someone is trying to piss you off, or if they really believe the things they are saying.  And when you put the other 5 reasons on this list together, you really don’t know what to believe.  Do people really believe in this movement? Or are they just doing this for attention and likes.  Is the conversation we having genuine? Or are you just using the internet to finesse your way into my life, and then revealing a whole new person when we meet? Is this drama real on the timeline?  Or are you doing this for a publicity stunt?  Are we going somewhere with our constant interaction via groupme?  Or am I just entertainment in your internet world? Is anything you post reflecting of the person you are?  Or are you trying to get a like or retweet to validate your importance?  Social media altogether is the bridge between reality and fiction, and that may be the biggest problem….


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