Crown XO and Hookah Smoke…

Reach into my mind for reflection, the truth is obscuring my perception. Sometimes you have to go out and live life. Even when it feels like you don’t have life in your grasp. Sipping on this crown xo engulfed in hookah smoke, I’m reminded no matter what I go through live life like royalty. A King never falls to his knees when trouble faces him, he finds a way to maintain order. A Queen never quivers in defeat, no matter what hardships she faces , she continues to display strength for her blood flesh and bones which all Derived from her. Beautiful Queens surrounding me, my mind pondering how can I be a better me for her. Better yet a better me for them, them as the people I roll with. 

     My Moma always told me never eat with the ones you didn’t starve with.  All my people hungry , ready for the next meal, yea we here burning calories dancing like we have no worries, f*ck it’s the weekend, we left them worries on Friday, where we met salvation, only to encounter our troubles again the following Monday, but let’s put that on the back burner, I see people in here making wishes like Timmy turner. Drinking like they will find a genie in the bottle the more they intake. Drinking away the hurt call it champagne, I’m guilty too , throwing shots backs, watching shawty throw that back. She was taking over for the 99, but what she didn’t know she was taking over my mind.. sitting here thinking about the ish I was missing.  

     My brother getting married to the left, my homie getting chose to the Right, hell I ain’t felt love in a long time.  Thought I told you that when we poured up, I guess that might have been the wrong time…..   

     Fck it drink some more let it go , go with the flow , one day it will get easier.  One day I’ll feel fully secured with the people I surround myself with.  I’ll stop wondering if I’m trying to feel a void.  But in the meantime let me keep on Sipping , while this Dallas music got my people dipping.  As long as my people with me, I’m not tripping. It’s just a break from reality , regain focus from this world chipping away on our mentality. BTaking shots for my people getting shot, the after results are the same.  Hungover. Can’t let it happen again, but it does. I’m rambling, as the hookah smoke clouds my eyes… these are just some thoughts sponsored by The Crown … xo … Royalty …

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