Throwbacks: Ex-Factor

“It could all be so simple, but you rather make it hard.”

I know I need to let you go, but I don’t know how to put up my guard.

See time and time again you bruised my heart,

But my love for you wouldn’t let us part.

In my eyes you could do no wrong.

Even when things repeat, it’s like our favorite song.

I listen over and over again, your voice it plays.

But when others try to tell me, I don’t understand a word they say.

Weak minded, I believe all your lies.

In hopes that they would keep the tears from my eyes.

And when I finally think I’ve let you go.

I always seem to forget to close the door.

“Tell me what I have to do, to get some reciprocity.

See no one hurts me, more than you and no one ever will……”

They say the first cut is always the deepest.

The climb over that mountain is also the steepest.

But I can’t ascend with you holding me down.

And a smile won’t replace this lonely frown.

See love is the cure that keeps us sane.

But your hidden side effects just brings me pain.

“See I know what I have to do.

You let go and I’ll let go too.”

With you gone, I’ll have god and one more still.

See no one loves me more than me, and no one ever will.

No matter how, I let you go.

I let you walk back through that door.

I need to close it, I need to close it.

And when I finally walk away,

I let the past get in the way.

I need to erase it, better yet replace it..

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