Miseducation – Everything is Everything

I wrote the words, for everyone, who struggles with their past.

Who can’t accept, we must move on, and that’s why the pain lasts.

Let’s leave the past behind……and let our future grow…

But we’re so confused? so what to do? Just love yourself and you will know.

Let me tell you that…

“That everything is everything.
Everything is everything.
After winter, must come spring
Change will come eventually”

You just giving pain an invitation.
Leave the dirt behind and practice sanitation.

Cleanse your heart and soul and let the situation go.
But keep the knowledge because they say pain helps you grow.

Sometimes its fine to be alone; don’t need parasites walking with ya.
Just the develop the negative into a positive picture.

When it comes to reality, life is like the seasons.
Things change every day with or without reasons.

So go with the flow, but don’t swim downstream.
Don’t let the heat get to you and create that summer steam

Then summer heats turn into the fall breezy wind.
Let it blow your troubles away, it’s time to dispatch those colored leaves from their stems.

And when the winter turns your heart cold and you begin to shiver
It will warm back because your determination will be the reason you quiver

So never let the past pain be what your future brings
And after winter must come spring…..

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