Still So Far Gone : Lust for Life

“Still Tryna do it all tonight… I had plans

I got certain Lust for life and as it stands

Things never go as right, as they can

They tryna shoot down my flight, before it lands”

12 years later and im still flying

Haven’t found the answers to life, but im still trying

Between High hopes, low tides and wet dreams

Cold Winters, New Springs with different themes

Around the sun we go, yet time does too

The clock never looks back, but how about you?

Worried bout some Misses, balancing working for the things I’m missing

Trying to see the green, but cut the grass because of the hissing

See! Back then I thought I had it all planned out

But the picture looks different when life is panned out

I see now some people are only here for seasons

When branches shake, some leave you, with or without reason

That’s why im focused on me

Let the wind blow and set us all free

Eventually everyone gotta separate from that tree

And never let old roots dictate completely how you’ll turn out to be

See back then, they tried to tell you how to compose your script

But when the play is about you, others cant decrypt  

Sometimes I cant either, but that comes with time

I guess when life gives you lemons, hope it come with lime.

Quinch that thirst however you see fit

Just stay true to you, don’t let others make you quit

See what I tend to do is to think, of the trials, of my past

Its funny when you use to the pain, you still hope, it don’t last….

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