Cerebral Sexcapades


Let me caress your mind…
Penetrate the essence of your soul ..
See I wanna feel what you’re saying..In hopes of understanding the language in what your body is relaying. Your body and mind is a temple, Let me journey through the inside to see why your cerebrum isn’t so simple. As the walls of your intellect meet the swelling of my every being. The deeper I go, the more I’m seeing.

Seatbelt needed because this will be a bumpy ride. She told me it’s more complexed when I let you inside. Backstroke, breaststroke , pacing as i swim through a sea of emotions. Call me Magellan, because I’m on an expedition in that ocean. But it’s time to explore deeper, down under is my next destination. I’m trying to get lost in your wetness, no need for navigation.

Drown me in your womanhood, not trying to hold my breath… The Elixirs I taste , I will consume until there isn’t a drop left. Let me be one with your aura and spirit. And my intentions will be so loud that your soul will hear it. See I’m just trying to give you all of me and vice versa. Our fate’s direction won’t be quite the same when we meet like inertia. So let’s stimulate Our mind… And the penetration of your essence will be divine

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