HiiiPower: Poe Mans Dreams

Love good, Eat Good, Live Good
Love good, Eat Good, Live Good

I’m waiting, for that day when I can do these things.
And freshly squeeze the juices of what the fruits of my labor brings.
Bright and early I start to learn, but the sunny wasn’t delight.
Dark and late, troubled times had me grasping my pillow tight.

My sister young, my daddy gone, so my momma drained
Two jobs, two kids, school, hustle hard equals hustle pains.
Even through it all, she would never accept defeat.
She divorced beginnings and became single just to make ends meet.

We had a relationship with the hood, but separated from the streets.
Saved me from being tagged in a picture of me laying on the concrete.

My status nobody liked, but comments were plenty.
But only by the people who didn’t know the struggle and didn’t have any.
Y’all like to mistake a Street nigga for real nigga
But the realest people are the ones feeding a family off barely 4 figures.

Stayed away from nightmares, so my dreams were at the top.
Made Positive pictures, the negatives, I always crop.
I Work for the future, and learn from my dreams
Grew up dreaming but awake or somewhere in between.
My momma blessed me with education.
And I return the favor with graduation.

She told :
“Apply yourself to apply your wealth
The only limitations you have are the ones you place upon yourself”

I appreciate the struggle, so get it understood.
This food for thought, I hope you eat good….

“HiiiPower = Heart Honor and Respect

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