Everybody’s Nobody- Rabbit Hole

down the rabbit hole

This a dimension of unexplainable contradictions, where reality isn’t certain. We call it the Rabbit Hole

Down the Rabbit whole we go…
Where things aren’t really what they seem.
People trying to find themselves but what does that really mean?
People don’t act for themselves and would rather have a team.
Instead of walking with reality, they lay down for a dream.

Down the Rabbit hole we go…
When people will judge you for what’s outside rather than what’s in.
When its money instead of time that’s she’s begging to spend.
Where most people that hurt you are the ones you call your friends.
You think it’s just the beginning, when sadly it’s the end.

Down The Rabbit Hole we go
Where people use social websites to build up a reputation.
Downgrading themselves to ignorance just to gain admiration.
Bragging about what they can do, and how tough they are, such a vivid imagination.
Knowing in real life they couldn’t handle any confrontation.

Down the Rabbit Hole we go….
Where females will call you out the blue telling you how much they miss you.
But a couple a months ago she forgot how bad she dissed you.
When you want to make something happen she always seem to forget you.
But when things go wrong, guess who’s handing her the tissue.

Down the Rabbit Hole we go…
Where he will show you the things that you been praying for.
And you excited about all the things for you that he has in store.
Worried and cautious that the feeling doesn’t become a bore.
But in the end you find out you aren’t the only one that he adores…

Down the Rabbit Hole we go ….
When they say love is blind, but it starts by looking in the mirror.
The image that we see and who we should love couldn’t be any clearer.
Loving yourself will help your blinded vision make things appear.
But to seem like an outcast is something that you fear.

Down the rabbit hole we go
Where men lie about women, and women lie about plenty.
Can’t even trust your thoughts, just throw away the penny.
Sad say these lies corrupt so many
And the absence of the truth makes the heart empty

Down the rabbit hole we go
Where we end up no one knows…….

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