The Cool …

Cooling: The Plot
 We play these games that are so elementary
And I entertain em as if they were meant to be.
Arguing  complaining we just call it bickering. 
But we ain’t just mates, we just have long history.
We’re more than friends.
But less enemies.
The irony in that, we don’t lack in intimacy. 
So what are we doing
We meet,  keep it moving
We fuss, we fuck
And get back to just cooling.
To be honest we lost in love and all its acitivities. But we scared of titles so we just be cooling. 
Passionate lovemaking.
We call it just screwing.
So where do we stand
I guess we just cooling.
Scared of commitment.
So Ultimately we losing….
A Coolision 
So what happens when feelings Hide?
The consequences of our actions collide?
Our heart and mind never coincides.
and we compromise to contradict whats inside. 
See We love each other, but mentally it never shows.
because the tears inside mositens the soil for my seed of lust to grow.
And my moma told me you reap What you sow…
but I can’t pay my dues, if you shade the little sunshine I owe.
See you scared of the light, because it never shined for you in the past.
No matter how long our novel has no title, you will always feel that our story is moving to fast.
See our relationship started from the bottom, and I was aiming for the top.
And now my heart and my feelings are here, but your not…
Four page letters enclosed with a Kiss don’t matter if he never read em..
and whats the point of chasing, if she don’t ever Lead him?
Now she singing ” is it bad that I never made love, she never did it
…. but I sure know how to fuck”
but she can’t promise that she will be good to me, but I’m trying to fix it
…… Just my luck…
See she’s had some issues, and she won’t commit. 
But I want her so bad that this COMPROMISE, Im Having it, and at least I can Admit. 
And see this is what happens, we settle for less, just for an opportunity. 
but in doing that we give our hearts no type of Immunity.
 When The Plot Thickens, A Coolision is overdue…
So hop in this CoolShip Coupe, I only hope its room for two…
Walk with me, don’t promise to stay though. No need for selling dreams they already bought. I’ll fuck up, you’ll fuck up. Lets have a chill night and a cool flight. Right out wrongs because we cool like that. Split up, journey alone. Who knows, we might end up at home. Don’t stop, keep going. Trip and fall along the way, I’ll still be cool. The way our coolship set up is that, we cool. Nothing more, nothing less. Contradict ourselves, popped a bottled we naked. No love making just mind fucking. Let our thoughts lock and our hearts stop. Throw some shades on and chill. 
J. Oliver , Zed B.  B. Perry

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