The Soul of a Woman

“To all the brothers out there. Who’ve ever loved a woman. Whether it was your mother. Whether it was a lover. Or whether it was your daughter. In every woman lies a soul. And in the soul of every woman lies the secrets of love and sometimes you don’t do right by her, But the way back to her heart lives in that same soul. You just have to find it….”

And these days, that soul is lost. Lost in the negativity that society has placed upon a woman’s image, especially the black women. Lost in the treatment in which some men treat women as if they are not our equals. Lost in competition with each other and lack of support for one another as if their struggle isn’t shared. Lost in the pain, confusion and mistrust that came from the past. Our women are hurting and losing themselves as a result of the poor treatment they have been receiving and enduring for years and years. But what are we doing wrong? What are we not realizing and what do we need to change? I have some opinions on that matter.

Of course I have to start with my fellow male population. My brothers, my brothers, we are not protecting and loving our women like we should. A woman’s heart is big, yet very fragile, and we fail to protect it and cherish it. Women’s perception of men is formed early and it starts with her father. The love, attention and lessons that a father teaches will be conditioned into them one way or another. His absence or presence, how he treats her mother and other women, trust that will have an affect on how she sees men and what she expects from them as she grows older.  Instead of being providers of the necessity, we rob women of their peace and happiness, tainting their heart and their mind.  Men need to treat women as equals and not just another piece of meat. Our society is very sexualized and its our duty to show women that we see them as more than just a piece of ass. We continue to break down our women, selling dreams with no stock in our inventory, as we continue to position ourselves as Lying Kings, just for the pride of our rock. Yet we want to act hurt when a woman treats us the same way. Karma is real, and it usually hits us later in life in ways we can’t imagine. Women need us to step up to the plate. In a society where they are treated unequally and seen as just someone to service others, who will protect them if we don’t? Who will love and cherish them if we don’t? Behind every good man is a great woman, and throughout history they have been the backbone in building our people up.  Men we need to be that gentleman that they need, to show them that we do care.  We need to teach our sons to love and respect his sisters, mothers, aunts through our actions, as they will also take how they treat women from us.  Don’t bash our women with the constant negativity.  Lets remind them of their status as queens so that the positivity can thrive.  Quit demeaning and exposing our women at their weak moments, and instead show appreciation and glorify their triumph and success.   It’s time to put our pride to the side, and help build up our women, so in turn they can help you build, create, maintain and be all that you can be. In order for us to find that soul, we have to love, cherish, uphold, respect and put our women first!

My beautiful women, It’s time to take a stand for yourself and expect nothing less than what you are deserved from men, society and most importantly yourself. Yes you are treated poorly in society, deserve way better than you receive, but that does not mean that you should transform into the very thing that you dislike.  Women these days are becoming the men that they hate.  More and more, I am seeing women become heartless, ruthless, and unloving.  Women are the passionate and the givers in this world, and the negativity received from men and society’s double standards have quickly caused them to challenge that in a negative way.  “If men can act negatively, foolishly and careless with themselves and the people around them, then what stops me from doing it?” That mindset just keeps the cycle going and ladies believe it or not you have all the power to stop this cycle.  Women, I think we all can all agree, understands what it means to be loyal, despite what Lil Wayne and Chris brown may have to say.  There is nothing wrong with being loyal, but you have to know when enough is enough.  You have the power to remove yourself from a situation, and yes I know we can’t help who we love and care for, but it’s as much of your responsibility as well when you continue to get treated wrong and putting a strain on your heart.  It’s great to notice potential in someone, but realize you can’t change a man and he will only change when he is ready.  Don’t allow your love for potential  and possibilities put you in a position to become hurt.  Also Demand what you deserve and don’t continue to give and give when he doesn’t reciprocate your efforts.  You deserve more.  Women continue to love and bring those around you up especially your fellow women.  Women should bring each other up and not constantly put each other down.  Quit competing and trying to one up the next woman and show love and compassion instead.  Also your men need you more now than anything.  They need your compassion, perseverance, and motivating drive to push them and support them so that they can in turn protect you.  You can’t change a man, but you can always give him a reason to change and when you lose yourself, those who need you can’t find their way back.  But most importantly, you need you! Continue to love yourself despite how the world may treat you.  Carry a demeanor that shows, you as a woman can’t be broken and still you will always rise in the times that you may fail.  Self love is the best love and will always prevail over any hurt that may come your way.  Don’t let the negativity consume, you stay beautiful and stay strong, no matter what hardships may come your way.  You are the captain of your soul…

The soul of a woman is very delicate yet at the same time very strong. I believe you should treat women like queens, because indeed I was raised by one.  Her soul gives life to dreams unborn, and lives that have been broken building them back up once again.  The soul whose relationship with God motivates her to give and motivate others.  The soul of a woman independent yet correlates with the man worthy of her. The soul of a woman loves hard and gives her all and is forgiving, but once it is lost, you might never be blessed with it again.  There are no Kings in this new generation without a queen to stand by his side and although she was made from mans rib, she is the backbone which helps hold the foundation of a family stable and sturdy.  Lets preserve the soul of a woman, and stop the corruption that she faces daily.  A great mind once said “I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved.” All the things I have said is not to say that women are more important than men, but this is to bring awareness to everyone that without healthy, loving and strong women, we would not be able to prosper.  So with that being said, lets find our way back to the soul of a woman, and protect it so that our future may flourish.


2 thoughts on “The Soul of a Woman

  1. This was amazing as I knew it would be. I can definitely relate to being “that woman” that became the very thing I hated to see in me. I was heartless and didn’t care about anyone’s feelings. But I had to realize that wasn’t the way to go! I loved your points and I felt like they hit the nail right on the head. Keep up the great work!


  2. I agree with this for the most part. The complications women are gonna have with achieving that “soul” is that society has a brand on the “way of the woman” it’s going to take some brave souls to break out of the box to be queens. It’s just what I said this morning. “If you gonna die for royalty be sure you can bare the weight of the crown. What’s the point of the title if what you have to show for it is fugazi.” If women take a stance on being different by simply being who they are, then they can be queens and that is real. They have the substance behind who they are in this society that tells them what they should be. Just a matter of not letting others make your acceptance.


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