Same Old Love Story

Sitting next to you, I remember all the reasons why we connected. Our Hearts were like the moon and the sun.  We function differently, but yet we shared the same sky for the same purpose.  To illuminate the world around us.  See we go together like four flats on a Cadillac.  Yet somehow we still have drive that moves our relationship to destinations unheard of.  Bonnie and Clyde, nah see our chemistry has no fatal ending. When most are looking for that Ride or Die, we often call each other our Ride and Live.  And no we are not perfect, at times we don’t see eye to eye, but even at that moment I still get butterflies when I gaze into your eyes.  We been in this for so long like kids, you could say we built this up like Legos.  And usually my smilies aren’t that simple, but you know I’ll do anything to raise your dimples.  Oh but those were the simple days as kids, and that’s why I am reminded of our connection.  See it’s so innocent, the feelings you give me are like us on the Merry go around.  The world is spinning just me and you, and our feet never touch the ground.  We were both there together on the seesaw going through life ups and downs.  Or we give each other a push when one needs it, as if we are taking turns pushing each other on the swings, as we dare each other to take that next big jump in our life. But let me tell you about our future. I just want to play in the sandbox with you.  i want to build a castle with you, with every room that you want imaginable.  I want to build a moat around it so I can protect you from all the harm that may come and keep the past troubles away from you. I want to build all of this with you, it is what I desire most.  So I hope you hear all of things I am saying to you…….

Ha What Am I saying of course you don’t hear me…

Sitting next to you, I remember all the reason why we can never be.  As your head rests on my shoulder at this moment, soaking my shirt with tears.  You tell me how he doesn’t appreciate you and he constantly treats you like leech to skin.  He sucks the life out of you, as you constantly give him more than he gives you. You tell me once again about how even if he was the richest man on earth, he still could not pay attention to you or your needs.  A Love so toxic, you say you feel weaker every day when you with him, yet some how he leaves you immobilized.  No matter how much it hurts you, you still seem to have the strength to endure the pain.  But eventually you always leave them, and that’s what attracts your head to my shoulder like a magnet.  As you cry you thank me for always being there, and being the one person who you could go to.  The one person that never betrays you and knows you inside out.  The one person who has excepted all of her flaws.. then you utter the words… Why can’t I find a good man………


Guess that sandcastle will always reside in the friend zone…

4 thoughts on “Same Old Love Story

  1. Yes!!!! This was beautiful. And man the friendzone is a dangerous place to be. I’ve found myself falling for a friend. Wishing we could be more. Jut there for them listening to their problems they are having with other females. Knowing I would treat them better. *sigh*….lol great job as always Z!!!


  2. Ahhh…the Friendzone. Most of the good ones are stuck in the Friendzone and I know with me, it’s a hard area to get out of. It’s never intentional; however, it happens more often than not. Plus if the guy doesn’t make his intentions known, he’s forever going to be there and listening to me tell him the same ole sad love story.

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