What are you afraid of?
What are the reasons for your tears?
Is it life? Is it hurt? is it love?
Or is commitment the reason for your fears?

Love, it has us all confused.
And mines for you is Unrequited.
Afraid of my feelings being abused.
You could possibly love me, but you won’t admit it.

And some people fear to trust.
Baby are you afraid of the dark?
To worried about his potential for lust.
That you can’t even see what’s in his heart.

And he says I’m tired of the hoes.
But yet you can’t leave them alone.
You thinking easy come, easy goes.
But you really afraid to make a house a home.

Afraid of the future because the past hurt you.
So now your present won’t progress.
Life with another would be sweet, but you scared they might dessert you.
The thought of it has you shivering and stressed.

Why are you so afraid of breaking a twenty?
Pennies of your thoughts falling through the recliner.
If you reach through, thoughts are scattered, plenty,
Be too loose with change, that’s your friendly reminder.

We sulk if we don’t make A passing grade.
It feels like you don’t see me at my best.
bubbling in life answers, afraid of what you made.
but not realizing failure provides the tools to success

What are you afraid of?
Nothing but you, You…..

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