#QTNA What is Real

Real…. What the hell is that now a days?

We live in a time where people refuse to be what they were made to be. …. Themselves.  We are quick to call ourselves “Real Niggas, or “A Real Bitch”( already not sounding to positive huh). But who are we truly validating that for?

We tend to say real is based on what you say and the things you do in the perception of others.  Is that really the definition we should follow? Does the ideas of others constitute what we feel is real? The media, society, and peer pressure; Do they play a part?

Since March 31,1990 to whatever day you may read this, I’ve been living in a world where we don’t know who others are and we are lost with who we are ourselves.  There is beauty in searching for yourself, i must admit, because you can find out so much about you, but why do we sometimes model our lives after others?  How can you put the time and effort to be someone you are not? What type of issue can we as people call this? Self Esteem? Insecurities?  What type of world do we live in where we are in love with the thought of being someone else?

Why Live in a Lie, and invite others in and tell them ” Make yourself at home”?  A foundation of lies, with more lies being built upon it is bound to fall, and when that big bad wolf call “The Truth” Finally huff and puffs and blows your house down.  It gets cold when the wind blows on your naked truth…

Why idolize the people we don’t know personally more than we idolize the ONE who knows us personally? We show more love to celebrities, and strangers than we do people we call ourselves friends to.  Why do we lie to Rush a relationship with a stranger, but Lie constantly to our conscious, to stall a relationship with ourselves?

We say God knows our Heart, But do we know our Heart? We do things we know we shouldn’t, but dress them up with excuses so we won’t feel bad about the decisions we have made.  Yet we secretly loathe the decisions we have made, and instead of owning up to them, we lie to appease our feelings…

What will they think if they know, Let me keep it on the down low.. no everybody’s doing it, so don’t judge me… Oh But let me guess…. you’re real?

We claim we real, but do things out of character to escape reality?  Promiscuous one might be, but at least she admits it, you do it behind closed doors, but call her fake? Oh we shun those that take that step out the closet, but quite Frankly, we praising and loving those who we unknowingly swim good in that ocean?  Take that last sentence how you want, but it’s just an example of how we accept what pleases us, but deny those who reject the norms and define the definition of what real may actually be.  The thing people never realize is that, at least they are being themselves, what are you doing?  You still tryna decipher whats real and fake, but the worst part of that is, you determine real or fake off of what you see, and not whats on the inside.

Now here is where my personal beliefs come in at.  I was Always told in order to be real with others, you have to be real with yourself and Christ first and foremost. in order to be real, you have to accept yourself fully despite your flaws.  In my opinion we will never 100% know if a person is real.. why? We rarely open up to ourselves and express ourselves fully, so how can u decipher if someone else doing the same?  It’s a scary world where you don’t know if the person in front of you is the person that’s inside of them or the person they want you to perceive. The only person who will truly know is You and God Yourself…

So why do we stray away from ourselves and let society choose our path.  We all care about what people think, yes I wont deny that and you shouldn’t either.. but why does that outweigh how much we care? Since when does society know you better than you know you.

Society has us, embracing in the negativity, and calling it “Reality TV”.  We see it as entertainment cause it has nothing to do with us.  But when the subject matter hits home, we won’t to boycott, because it makes us look bad, despite the truths that lie in it?

Society has us looking for validation over the internet.  Like mean you pretty, retweets mean you relevant.   Hell I’m guilty, I hope you like this blog and comment it, so I won’t feel I’ve wasted my time.  Validate my talents as a writer.

Society has us embracing celebrities as the prototypes of who we should be and what we should model our relationships on.  You want that love and basketball relationship, but you can’t even dribble.. How you gonna handle a relationship, when you can’t even handle the ball when its thrown in your court.  Want that Bonnie and Clyde, ride or die relationship… y’all know how that story ended? They rode, and they died. I guess that’s real love…

I remember when they were screaming YOLO.  You only live once, and we want to live the wrong way and use it as an excuse? YODO you only die once too.  So do you want regret the things you’ve done with no rewind button and goes against who you are and can’t change? Then we entice others to engage with us, that’s when i say YOYO, you on your own …

At the end of the day, you can only be as real as the person in the mirror.. check ya self before you attempt to check someone else.

This is my humble opinion, Read and agree or disagree, but most importantly let it soak in your mind, and  form your own opinion.. Because i stand by what I say or have said in this Blog.  I admit that i have had the problems are still do, but the keywords here are I ADMIT.. but how would you know? Am I real or Fake?

Questions that need answers

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