25 years , 25 lessons 

Every year that day comes when you grow a day older and time passes you by once again. You reflect on those years you can never get back as you prepare to make new expierences   out of years to come.  Growing up seemed like an event that would never come as a kid. Now it’s a thing we wish we could slow down at times. The good, the bad and the ugly comes when you grow older, but I don’t regret any of it. Anybody got a penny for my thoughts? Better yet how about a quarter? I’ve learned a lot over the years that has shaped me into the man I am today. Here’s 25 things I learned through life, and people , and through pain and happiness, some serious some funny:

1. Other people have sacrificed something for you to Be where you are today. ( Thank you Moma)

2. These hoes ain’t loyal, or are they ? 

3. You are not going to have all the friends you once had growing up. People grow apart. Make some new ones and cherish the ones you have. 

4. Just like people have sacrificed for you, you have to sacrifice for other as well as yourself to get to where you need to be.

5. It’s life to get hurt. It’s going to happen.. Take your time to deal with it, but what don’t kill you, only makes you stronger.

6. You are going to question some things about yourself. It’s only natural that when you grow,  you will start to outgrow habits and ideas about yourself. 

7. Sometimes your bestfriends aren’t the ones you speak to everyday or the ones who are close in distance to you.  They still provide loyalty and companionship regardless of how much they are around physically.

8. You are gonna F*ck up.. Just accept it, it’s gon happen. That’s life , we F*ck up until we get it right. 

9. Everybody isn’t your friend. You will have people that dislike you.  For reasons known and unknown… Oh well! Life goes on.  FDB

10. Don’t force things! Love , friendships , situations , anything. 

11. Ain’t Sh*t people exist in all genders. Learn to avoid them. Learn to not be one of them.

12. “I been counting what’s on my bucket list and not on my blessings” be thankful for what you have, and don’t dwell on what you don’t have.

13. A lot of things you think matter, people you think matter, they really don’t ….. Just time wasters. 

14. Speaking of time, it’s precious don’t waste it . Ain’t no time bih…..

15. Chipotle is not life… 

16.Change will happen, Change is life.. You know what else is life? 

17. Ball is life ……

18. Music and food are the most important things in life next to being a squirrel 😂😂. 

19. The struggle is real, but appreciate that struggle! It will teach you how to survive in this world if you embrace it.

20. Niggas die Everyday B …….

21. Hakuna Matada, what a wonderful phrase. it means no worries , for the rest of your days…. 

22.  Reading and writing is essential. Unlock your mind ! Take a look, it’s in a book, it’s reading rainbow !!!

23. Karma is real! Treat people right. It’s much easier to carry love on your shoulders than hate. 

24. Live your life to the fullest regardless your age. Take all opportunities, take a chance, take risk and enjoy the world and the people around you! 

25. Pray, believe and love yourself and take care of yourself. Be blessed that you were able to see another year and  take the steps to ensure you see another one.

Happy birthday to me! What would be a great gift is if you share this and comment 😬😬 

3 thoughts on “25 years , 25 lessons 

  1. 15 is amazing. People act like they’re addicted. But this was really good. Happy birthday, here’s to you and many more.


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