Monday Motivation 413

Don’t underestimate the power of thoughts and words. What you tell yourself every morning will set your mind and life on that path. Talk success, victory, happiness and blessings over your destiny. Fill your mind with seeds of greatness. Fill your mind with what you can do and not what you can’t. Fill your mind with the positives and not with the negatives. Gotta find the sunshine peeping through the rain….

        Surround yourself with people who want to see you prosper.  Surround yourself with people who are on your level yet they can add to your growth.  Because people below that will only bring you down unless you are a positive role model yourself. Act like you are a winner and are winning your way to victory. That is the way to start your morning to find success. Have a blessed day!

One thought on “Monday Motivation 413

  1. This is great motivation to start my week! I love being around people that uplift me and pour positivity into my life. I couldn’t agree with you more.


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