Starving Heart : Faith

I saw my interest one day, and asked her what’s her name.

She said “the thirst is real, and I have no time for your game”.

I say” why so hostile, and if I’m thirsty, my knowledge of you is dry”.

I just want to know the name of this lady that caught my eye.

She said “real cute, nigga you ain’t slick, you just like the rest.

“You think your metaphors and similes will get me out of this dress”.

“That’s why a good man is hard to find, niggas aint shyt, I know you got the memo”.

I told her” well if they hard to find, lady you can just call me Nemo.

She cracked a smile, gave me her number and we talked for weeks,

And told me no one before me could constantly raise her cheeks!

She told my how her ex played football, and he always cheated.

Not talking sex, but how he was Michael Jackson to her body, always wanting to beat it.

She said “Im starting to think, that I want to be with you”.

I told her happily; yea I’m starting to feel that too.

I had something finally; at least that’s what I believed.

Until she told me, I wasn’t her type, and left me for her ex who went to the league

And I lost my faith again….

“What am I gonna do? Gotta have faith, Life is too much, understood? Where is your faith?

Don’t you give up….”

I met a College girl with natural beauty and an intelligent mind.

Stick to her studies and does her work so she’s never behind.

Independent too, making her own money, yes her life’s on track.

She beating a statistic because she’s young beautiful and she’s black.

But what they don’t know is, in her childhood, she had to struggle.

And her emotions, and pain, plus moving on she had to juggle.

We never focus on what we have, we complain about what we don’t have instead.

And she told me how she had no food, no running water and no bed.

She told me “in order to go to heaven, sometimes you gotta live through hell.

“So take a walk in the shoes I didn’t have until I was twelve”.

I told her, “this a side, that nobody would ever know”

She told me “because I know I have faith, and I would never let it go”

“In order for me to be the woman I am today”,

“I had to learn from the little girl I was yesterday”.

“You sir, understand what im going through”

“So why are you letting little things bother you?”

So with that said I found myself a life friend.

Who told me and showed me, she got my back until the very end.

And I found my faith Again…

And with that being said, I realized what was real.

Losing faith sometimes, is like whistling at death, Emmet Till

So close that casket, look up to sky when you feeling down.

And realize that when nobody is there, around you his spirit surrounds.

Never let a physical force make you lose yourself.

Because I realized even when I’m alone, God gave me him and myself.

So broken-hearted, like broken nails, Just press on.

Weight on your shoulders? Just lift and Get Strong.

And when times get hard and it feels like you never win.

Just know he loves you and he is testing your faith again.

“ I’d rather not live like there isn’t a God than die and find out there really is, think about it” – Kendrick Lamar-

One thought on “Starving Heart : Faith

  1. Love it! Often times, when things don’t work out in our favor we tend to lose faith, not knowing that there are greater things in store if we continue to press on! Gotta remember that it’s only a test, it won’t be bad forever! Good stuff Zeddy!

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