The Butterfly Effect

She’s So oblivious to the fact that eyes are always watching when she doesn’t know how to act.

She know what she wants, but she will never get it.

cause she only runs into those who only want to hit it.

Bruised emotions from these men, thats what she obtains.

is even more reason for her behavior to become insane

She claim we all the same and in a way its true.

cause we all have it inside, but can we sustain, only a few.

but that goes for her too..

but what is she to do?
She say she wants love, but they just want lust.

She say she wants someone, but who can she trust.

So what does she do, to us its nothing new.

She doesn’t mess with one, she starts messing with a few.

For her to lose herself it doesn’t take that long.

Because she doesn’t believe that what she does is wrong.

Her conscious try to warn her, but her heart doesn’t agree…

Her emotions try to escape, but she wont let them free..
She just bottles it inside

and goes along for the ride

In the Fast lane she never ever stops.

Then she crashes into him and he chops of her top.

She stopped wearing her seat belt, so she wasn’t prepared.

Wrapped in harms way and she know he never cared.

but she too stopped caring a long time ago

She starts to do things her past wouldn’t know.

Shifting gears on the wrong side of the interstate.

Doing things she’d never does, motivated by the hate.

Her brakes failed her many times, so she just keeps on going.

and his ways she follows, as he keeps on showing

No sirens to stop, and no headlights to see

He ready to burn out and She just lays there on E..

of course i tried to help her, but would could i possibly do?
Because its my gender that has feeling blue.

and doing all the things she say we do to her.

but now she does the same, the truth is such a blur..

and why did she do these things?

cause to the table the past could never bring..

A man that she thought could be perfect

but in the end was it even really worth it?

A possible dream shattered by a harsh reality.

and now she takes no one’s hospitality

A good girl gone bad

all because she thinks about the best she never had..

She caught up in the mindset the she will never win..

so she continues to fall in to in that Trap over and over again..
So where can you run to?

when you never ever had you?

The pain you put yourself through?
I swear is strain that you put on your heart

and What you gonna do when it finally rips apart……

The cycle of beauty being tainted by darkness reversing the cycle and reverting the heart into a dark stage continues ….

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