Dreams Money Can’t Buy

Got a decision to make.
What to do when too many coins dropping in your collection plate
Not talking currency, but with these problems I got “Racks on Racks”
Maybe a day with you could help me blow a couple stacks.
If I could buy time to spend with you,
Wasting money is something I wouldn’t do.
If I gave you a penny for your thoughts, would you let me listen?
Or is the copper too cheap, you need gold for your mind to glisten?
I would empty my pockets, just for you to adore me.
Just for you to turn around and tell me “you couldn’t afford me”.
Damn…Bankrupt for your empty soul.
Couldn’t cross that bridge because I couldn’t pay that toll……

Dreams Money can’t buy.
If I had a lot of zeroes would you ever deny?
Another day, another dollar.
Mo Money, Mo Problems, Material things aren’t problem solvers.
I can’t buy the happiness that I seek from above.
People love money, but money can’t buy you love.

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