Cover Talent : Alex Aiono William Singe

So I’m on Facebook, and you know how you watch a video, and some totally unrelated video plays next. Usually its something ratchet. Well this time my ears were blessed when I heard some of my favorite songs covered. If yall know me, I’m always remixing rap songs into R&B and Soul. So I research to see who these two guys are singing Confessions, Black Beatles, and other hits and found a library of good music on Youtube. Alex Aiono and William Singe were the talented duo behind the covers. Surprisingly Alex Aiono has a huge cult following with over 3 million subscribers and William with over a million. I further looked into Alex’s youtube, and the guy has so many covers that will have you not wanting to hear the original. He threw me off when he started singing in Spanish in a cover for Drake’s overwhelmingly popular One Dance. I have no doubt they will make a mark in the music industry. They are already on spotify and apple music with orignial work. Some cool points for Alex, he has written and work with John Legend and BabyFace. If you love music, creativity and good vibes, check out more on their youtube channel.

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