Cover Talent: William Singe Back at It Again



William back at it again with the cover that enhances your favorite trap song into a R&B eargasim.  This time he opens up with, what might be the most popular song in music “Bad and Boujie”.  He puts his vocals to work making an entertaining youtube masterpiece.  You can even still dab and hit the folks with this rendition.  He also drops a Big Sean verse in the mix from his single “Bounce Back”.  The man has talent along with other cover artist that he works with.  He has an upcoming tour with fellow cover artist Alex Aiono and they will be stoping in Dallas, Texas March 12th.  Along with killing some of your favorite songs, they also have original work that sounds great as well.  Seeing as many of the concerts are sold out, in places like, New York, LA, San Francisco, and Toronto, Its safe to say that William and his peer Alex are on the way up and are going no where soon. Rain Drop….

Check out his other cover that I wrote an article on here Cover Talent : Alex Aiono William Singe

Any artist you know of that need some spotlight? What did you think of this cover?  Let me know in the comments

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