Nintendo Switch Live Conference


Today is finally the day many tech and Nintendo fans including myself have been waiting on as far as information goes. Nintendo has been considerably behind in the console wars since its last success of the wii. The Wii U did not compare and Playstation 4 and Xbox One shined. Nintendo however has kept its grasp on handheld market, but this fact also poses many questions. The Switch has already been announce hybrid console system, meaning you can take it on the go, does this mark the end of separate handheld systems? Also with the reveal many ports and third party companies were revealed. Big name games like Skyrim and 2k were shown, which would bring different gamers to the system. Also the Rumor mill has been buzzing, and a Nintendo fan like me is ready to know if this is worth preordering. Some of the rumors are a release date of March 17 at the price of 200 or 250, already cheaper than systems of now. Share button, multi-touch screen , region free, motion control are some features that are rumored. As far as games, The much anticipated Zelda Breath of the wild is rumored to be a launch title and some key sequels were like Beyond Good and Evil 2, and Mother 3, which was never released in the Us being a sequel to the cult classic Earth Bound were said to be on the way.

As a Nintendo fan, I have long awaited for the day where I could be proud of the company that sparked my my interest to gaming as a kid in the 90’s. Iconic figures like Mario Donkey Kong and Link paved the way for gaming worldwide. You know this is true when Mario will be the face of the 2020 Olympics in Japan. There is much to be excited for with this informative press conference. Will we get that Pokemon game on console that every fan has dreamed of. Will we see a return of the Metroid series? Who will all be in the next Super Smash Brothers? How much will this system cost and will Nintendo keep its Family focused ways or cater to both the family and the gamer? These questions will hopefully be answered tonight!

Live Stream Starts at 1o PM central! 

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