Video Game Awards 2017 Live

It’s the end of the year so you know it’s that time! The Video Game Awards show is coming on tonight at 8:30/7:30 central! This year was huge in gaming , with titles like Horizon Zero Dawn, Persona 5 and more. Nintendo bounced backs with the Switch, breaking records and releasing the game of the…

Marvel Music Monday – The Doctors are In

Like Dr. Dre does in the studio, Dr. Strange makes Magic, and I can see why these two were chosen for this variant cover.  They parallel more ways than one.

E3: 2017 Live News 

  Live Feed ^^^ One of my favorite times of the year for gaming is here. For those who don’t know the Electronic Entertainment Expo better known as E3 started this weekend. Gamers and nerds everywhere have been waiting to hear what’s in store for them. For many gaming companies, this is a key point…

Marvel Music Monday V9

” My father was the Shogun’s decapitator, he cut off the head of 131 lords… my father wasn’t afraid of the shogun but the shogun was afraid of him. Maybe that was the problem. ” Before this album even begins, the sample from the movie Shogun Assassin drops a hidden gem. Once the sample from…

Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger Preview

All aboard the hype train for the newly released cloak and dagger trailer! As soon as I begin losing interest in Marvel, they pull me right back in. Fans have been talking about which characters they would like to see hit the big screen or have a series aired and if you asked me when…

Whats Hot in Gaming

Whats good everybody.  I’ve decided to do something new with this blog.  I wanted to highlight some of the good news in gaming or even the bad news for those who want to get into it, those who are already gamers and for those who are casual gamers.  As many of you know, part of…

Marvel Music Monday V8

Like A$AP I feel that Sam Wilson is the new face in the game who knows his roots, yet he wants to remain true to himself and do things his way.

Marvel Music Monday V6

Nicki is a force in Hip Hop, and came on the scene with something different and powerful. Angela was left for dead, but through her strength, like Nicki, if she wanted something, she went and got it They both show that strength does not equal man and that a woman can hold her own and even overpower the men of their worlds.

Marvel Music Monday V5

Peter uses his Tech to better the world, while A Tribe Called Quest uses their music and messages to influence the community they care about while trying to give positive vibes.

Marvel Music Monday V4

Black Bolt and the Inhumans represents the power in silence as his royal family represents breaking away from tradition of the council over them. Parallels, the power that Outkast had in them, and what happened when they finally were able to release it.

Marvel Music Monday V3

Like Public Enemy, The Uncanny Avengers aimed to point out all the inequalities and weren’t afraid to speak on them.

Marvel Music Monday V2

Both Tyler and Squirrel girl are outcast or a little too different, but if you underestimate them, you fail to see their true talents and potential.