Marvel Music Monday – The Doctors are In

People have counted to four probably over a million times. Of those million times there is only time, that if mimicked properly can change your entire mood, so go ahead count to four. Don’t feel anything? Alright read these next few words out loud” one, two, three and to the four” …. now that you’re done Crip walking in your seat, recognize that something as simple as counting to four is the staple of one of the most popular songs from Dr. Dre’s iconic debut solo album the chronic. Fresh off his separation from rap supergroup NWA, Dr. Dre gives us one of the best debut albums of all time. In the first two tracks Dre gets the business clear by going after everybody he has an issue with at the time. Those persons being Uncle Luke, Easy E and Jerry Heller. I’m very fond of this approach because unlike Ice Cube who saves his diss track for last, Dre gets the f#%^ U’s out of the way. Once he does that he goes into doing what he set out the do upon creating the chronic, establishing himself as one of the west coast’s best rappers and probably the best producer of that time frame. Dre gives listeners a peek into who he really is. The conscious young black man paying attention to his surroundings and feels for them with tracks like, lil ghetto boy, a n&$$@ with a gun. Also, the other side of that young man that’s all about having fun with tracks like, deez nuts, the previously mentioned nothing but a G thang, and laugh worthy skits such as the doctor’s office, and the $20 sack pyramid. The chronic is by all means a classic, and if skeezers say it aint. Dre tried to tell you B@&$! Ain’t S!&@ .


There is also a noteworthy Doctor in the Marvel Universe.    Dr. Steven Strange is a masters in the mystic arts.  In other words, he is a magician.  Know he isn’t pulling rabbits out of his hat, or cutting lovely apprentices in half, he is pretty much manipulating the world around him in various ways.  For starters he does not age and cannot die from any medical diseases.  He can release his astral form from his body, meaning he can pretty much be anywhere at any time, and is unrestricted by the laws of physics and in this form, can travel at the speed of thought. He can banish things and people other dimensions, use transmutation, telepathy. Telekinesis, fly, time travel, hypnotize, make illusions, and you know what?  We will be here all day if I keep listing. Let’s just say he knows every spell at Hogwarts.

Many of you may have seen his beginnings in his recent marvel cinematic debut, but he will be a major player in the upcoming infinity wars.  What I like about Dr. Strange is his life before becoming an all-powerful sorcerer.  I really think it’s a requirement to have a tragic backstory and be a superhero, but nonetheless, strange grew interest in medicine after helping his sister, but she ended up drowning, tainting his medical idealism and blaming himself for it. Not to mention some hating sorcerer named Mordo placed demons in his life because of knowing Dr. Strange’s future as a supreme sorcerer. As he gained success early on, he became arrogant as a surgeon, but his talent was unmatched.   But his mother died and soon thereafter his dad also became sick.  He became greedy and only caring about the money.  His brother Victor was tired of his bull crap, so he went to the Doc’s house to talk some sense in him.  Well he got hit by a car on the way out….. so yea, good old Marvel with the lose your family trope strikes again.  But wait theirs more.  He also ended up in a wreck losing the nerves in his hands which disabled him from ever practicing surgery again, which he ends up spending all his money and becoming an alcoholic like Tony stark.  Long story short he met The Ancient One, trained and became a sorcerer himself, passed a test given to him by death, and pretty much gained ageless life.  He is pretty much that guy and the Avengers will need him if they hope to beat Thanos.

Like Dr. Dre does in the studio, Dr. Strange makes Magic, and I can see why these two were chosen for this variant cover.  They parallel more ways than one.  Talent making them arrogant to the point that they inherit a drinking problem and lose those close to them, to eventually become a better person.  Dr. Dre was and is essential to the rap game, bringing about the G-Funk era and producing even now, showing his importance and influence on the rap game.  Dr. Strange has shown many times that his magic, wisdom and sorcery is here to support the marvel universe and take on things other heroes just can’t.  The Chronic, was exactly what hip-hop needed, and Dr. Dre was here to sign the prescription and The Mystic has healed and dealt with many evils in the Marvel Universe, and Dr. Strange will play a key role in eliminating the cancer that the marvel cinematic universe will come to know as Thanos.

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