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Whats good everybody.  I’ve decided to do something new with this blog.  I wanted to highlight some of the good news in gaming or even the bad news for those who want to get into it, those who are already gamers and for those who are casual gamers.  As many of you know, part of my nerd DNA, is heavily gaming influenced, so I want to share with you all every now and then what is hot in gaming and even share with you some classic gems you should pick up.

Why you waiting?

Gaming has gotten off to a great start this year, so there really should be no reason for you not to have something to play. In saying this, the first game on our why you waiting list actually came out last May. Overwatch had to make this list because it absolutely a game changer. Millions are playing yet many people are afraid to try something new. I’m here to tell you if you like your shooters, yet tired of the same old shooter and you want some interesting gameplay, this game is for you. There are people who stick to madden, 2k and call of duty calling this game great and that should tell you something. Quick overview of what this game is, it is a 6 vs 6 shooter that is objective based. No character is the same, as you have to work together to win. While kill streaks and all that are cool, the main focus is being a team player to capture objectives, move payloads ad more. There are many features with new characters, maps, skins and game modes being released for free all the time. It is one of the main E-sports games and you will have fun with this stylish and unique shooter. PC, Xbox One, PS4

     Ghost Recon Wildlands is the long-awaited follow-up to The Division.  It is an improvement in every way and is truly and open world tactical shooter.  What makes it a good game is its multiplayer aspects as you and a team of three are tasked with taken down the Cartel in a beautiful landscape of Bolivia.  You can play the missions anyway you see fit as a team.  It’s best to play with friends vs playing with the CPU.  Playing with friends opens up some really fun gameplay and random trolling to your heart’s content. PC, Xbox 1, PS4

New Gems.

     Ignore all the trolling and complaints about weird facial motions, character models, and voice acting, and take a chance on an epic space adventure.  Mass Effect Andromeda is an RPG in the form of a shooter, while you also have powers or abilities.  You are able to make your own character, and take off in a new galaxy trying to find living habitat for your space colony.  Every decision you make affects the game.  This means people will hate you, people might attack you for something you did earlier, meaning you create your own story.  You can even get  you a bae haha.  What I like most about the game is earning you squads trust and the combat system.  Playing as an adept I felt like Darth Vader grabbing and throwing people around the area. PC, Xbox 1, PS4

     The Playstation 4 exclusive powerhouse Horizon Zero Dawn is a must get new game.  With one of the best protagonist video games have to offer, this game is full of adventure as well as a great story.  This action adventure RPG is the staple of what a game should be.  Set in a post apocalyptic world, half machine, yet taken over by nature, you are taking on freaking mechanical dinosaurs with a bow and arrow.  This open world game is beautiful and definitely worth a buy for those who like fighting giant enemies and exploring.  This game of the year candidate would most likely win it, if it wasn’t for this…. PS4 Only

Nintendo made a statement with the latest story of the Legendary Hero Link.  The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild is a masterpiece and Nintendo once again has changed gaming in a new and fun way.  For all of those who still may not know, the main character is Link, who you actually play with, the princess is Zelda.  This game is pretty much the first game made back in the 80’s, built into a 3D open world monster.  This game is truly open world where you can travel as you please, fight in any order you please and just straight up explore the vast land of Hyrule.  The story is great, graphics great, and most importantly, the game play is great and challenging.  This game reminds you of all the games that copied its formula to become great.  Yes even the game above this and greats like uncharted, and other hack and slash adventure games. Wii U, Nintendo Switch


Look out List

MLB The Show 17– The real reason I am getting this, is because Ken Griffey Jr. is on the cover and it comes with a rare snap back.  The Show has always been a solid game in the sports genre and was ready for some new tweaks.  This year they are coming, with a revamped Road to the show mode as well as retro mode.  I recommend sports fans to try this heavy hitter. Only if you have a Playstation though. PS4 Only

Persona 5 is high on my list in games I need to have.  Being a fan of the Shin Megami Tensi Persona series since I played 3 and 4 on PS2, this game gave me something familiar yet fresh and new.  Anime fans and lover of Japanese culture and JRPGs, this is for you.  Taking place in modern Japan, you play the role of a new student who has to get adjusted to life.  Here is where it gets interesting, although like most JRPGs, you fight in dungeons and level up, in Persona during the day you work on building relationships as well living your day out as a student.  That means going to class, going on dates, after school activities and even working a part-time job, all the while your fighting bad guys.  It’s a stylish and sleek game and looks great and always has great music.  I highly recommend this. Playstation 3 and 4

On the Go Gem

Full of nostalgia and fun, take a chance on the latest game in the Pokemon series, Pokemon Sun and Moon.  Its in full 3D and many things have changed since many of you all played.  It still has the same charm and battle system and theme, but many new features carry it over to new generation.  Online battling, 4 way battles, mega evolutions and Z moves plus many more. Nintendo 3ds

Time Machine Gem


The first time machine Gem, is a game that first introduced me to playing different types of games. Chrono Trigger, often called one of the greatest games of all time, came out on the Super Nintendo.  It’s a turned based RPG with some features that make it fresh.  With time traveling being the main theme in the game, it created a great narrative as well as some great gameplay moments.  I go back and play it often as it still ages well even today.  I recommend you play this or even just look it up for an interesting plot.  Also Wiz Khalifa has sampled two songs from this game.  Never B and Never Been part 2 are exact copies of Some theme music from the game.  Search Schala’s Theme … Google Play, Itunes, Super Nintendo, Playstation, PS3, Nintendo DS , Virtual Console Wii

That wraps it up for this weeks Hot in gaming.  Comment let me know what you are playing.  Tell me what are your favorite games and what would you like to know more about in the comments.

One thought on “Whats Hot in Gaming

  1. I’m looking forward to Mass Effect especially on MP. I haven’t copped it yet but from the gameplay videos I’ve looked at, it’s worth getting.


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