Marvel Music Monday V8

A few years ago my homeboy smoke called me and said ” DAWG YOU GOTTA CHECK THIS N**** OUT HIS NAME ASAP ROCKY. Now my homie smoke rarely gets excited about music, so I decided to listen to the young fella. After hearing live love Asap I was throughly impressed. However, for some reason I just stopped listening to rocky. But once again, it’s marvel music Monday so let’s examine Rocky’s Debut album Long Live Asap. As previously mentioned I was a fan of Rocky’s flow. There were parts of this album that reminded me why I was a fan. If you listen to him, he is not shy about letting his listeners know of the impact southern hip hop has had on him. Long Live Asap has a few tracks where you can hear those influences, it shows the most on the track entitled Jodye. Rocky channels his inner Master P on this joint and it’s probably my third favorite track on the album. The first two have to be the party classic that is F***** Problem and the super dope MC link up that is 1 train. Early on last week in a PlayStation chat party, I discussed this album a little bit with some gamers. The consensus was that rocky is trying to extend his fan base by trying a few things different musically. Songs that seem to have more a techno Friday night on a downtown strip let’s pump our fist type beat, mainly the track entitled wild for the night. All in all, this isn’t a bad album it just isn’t my type of hype.


Most of us know Sam Wilson as the trustee and loyal partner Falcon and one of the iconic black characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  But in this comic Series and this variant we see the falcon take on the mantle of America’s Hero, Captain America.  Thus one of the greatest parallels to the real world is born.  Due to some things that happened in the Secret Wars, Steve Rogers has now aged to his real age, and no longer capable of handling the mantle, he passes it on to his partner Sam Wilson. He wanted to simply follow his footsteps after succeeding him. However, “he feels the United States of America are as divided as it’s ever been. People in opposite ideologies are more aggressive towards each other, inequality is soaring, and certain “good” agencies are each day more morally dubious.”  He  is very Political compared to how Steve Rogers remained to stay neutral and just.  Him having an opinion, divided  how people felt about the hero and mirrors modern society and how division is present.  Even now the world is divided and  some feel that people such as entertainers and celebrities have no say in political matters.  Sam Wilson deals with this constantly and it eats his conscious up as he tries to keep the legacy of Captain America alive.  A side note, Misty from Luke Cage has also worked with him.  Sam Wilson personifies a heavy weight being placed on you and others not understanding the work you are putting in.  They are just judging you based on what they are used to, and not taking into account that you are working twice as hard to keep things going for everyone else.  Like A$AP I feel that Sam Wilson is the new face in the game who knows his roots, yet he wants to remain true to himself and do things his way.

Youtube – Long Live A$AP

Falcon to Captain America History

Art by Mahmud Asrar


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