Marvel Music Monday V9

” My father was the Shogun’s decapitator, he cut off the head of 131 lords… my father wasn’t afraid of the shogun but the shogun was afraid of him. Maybe that was the problem. ” Before this album even begins, the sample from the movie Shogun Assassin drops a hidden gem. Once the sample from this classic film is over, Gza begins to wield his liquid swords. The title for this album couldn’t be more fitting. The rhymes flow smooth throughout the album like a liquid , but the hardcore bars and challenging subject matter can pierce with force equal to that of finest samurai blade. After the epic intro/ title track we get another sample from shogun assassin followed by my second favorite track on the album. Dual of the iron mics. This song is a lyrical sparring match between few of Wu Tang’s most well known members. It gives the listener the musical pleasure of hearing these MCs attempt to out rap each other. The last track I’ll discuss from this album just for the sake of time, is without a doubt in my opinion the best track on this album. If you know anything about the brothers from Wu- Tang, you know any song related to the practice of fistic arts is going to be a banger. In this case, it comes from a song entitled shadow boxing. Gza and the T-H-O-D man give us verses filled with dope bars reminding sucka MCs that the two aren’t the ones to F*** with. This album is nothing short of a hip hop gem I knew nothing about it until we began this series. So I am ashamed of myself for that and if you don’t know anything about it shame on you. And if you did know about it and didn’t tell me you ain’t worth two dead flies smashed. But seriously, speaking of this series I want to apologize on behalf of me and zed for the delay, me and the homie have had a lot going on last few weeks but we’re getting back on track appreciate the patience from our readers. And always remember, you may not be afraid of the shogun but the shogun may be afraid of you… peace ✌🏾

On this variant cover you see a familiar face in Iron Man , and if you are a fan of The Guardian of Galaxy, you see Gamora also on the cover as they fight for their lives in a game they are thrown in.  Contest go Champions is a game organized by  The Collector and his brother The Grandmaster as they fight to obtain the isophere which gives them powers that rival the Gods.  Maestro who is one of the assembler of teams for The Collector to teleport heroes and villains to the arena to battle in teams,  is secretly trying to kill the collector to escape his situation.  Maestro is the green guy on the cover who is the Hulk with radiation and with Bruce Banner’s intellect intact.   Its pretty interesting as heroes get thrown in a battle with everyone having something to lose and something to fight for. Its funny that the origins for Liquid Swords was a chess match that was played by GZA and Masta Killa as well as other Wu-tang members.  It parallels  the Contest of Champions death battle as two people are controlling the battle and using strategic pieces to get what they want out the game.  Contest of Champions is a good read, and also an iPhone and android game app.  Check out some scenes below that briefly describe the process and tune in next week for another Marvel Music Monday!

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