Throw Back Poetry : Signs of Love

It’s been a while since i posted so, in between time, I’ll be dropping some old poetry ! Comment and tell me what you think..

Pursuing Ones True Self- Signs of Love

Signs Of love overshadows my dreams, baby don’t worry cause, The love never grew.

Only time can keep my peaceful soul, Tears pass through …

Time and time again I know I need to leave.

But these false images of hope smother me so my dreams can’t breathe.

It’s funny how we can have such a dream

And put it on the backburner when they allow you on their team.

I say team, because I’m not the only one involved.

I know we both single, but her heart’s separated.

But she steady tells me I’m possibly the one, now I’m agitated.

But still I stick around, why? A mystery unsolved

My dreams telling me I need to leave,

But I said nobody really has to leave

Why, because I don’t hear enough explanation.

Is it just a part of my initiation?

All I really wanted was a little admiration.

Damn now here goes my frustration.

But that deceitful smile got me, Captivation.

Wrapped around that little finger.

All the while my future starts to linger.

She got me where she wants me; I’m feeling as if got her.

But its all one sided, my teeter starts to totter.

This is it how it feels when you’re at war with love an your dreams.

You never wake up to reality, to realize it aint what it seems.

Life is short, we gave it shot, but had to leave it alone

Cause it didn’t work out we had a lot going on and on and on………

Signs of Love overshadows my dreams, baby don’t worry, because the love never grew

Only time can keep my peaceful soul, Tears pass through …

Every time look at the picture in the frame

Gaze in fascination, it’s so hard

You’ll still think that it’s nothing but love

Rain still falls…………

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