Growing Apart

“Where are we going?
Why are we slowing down?
Where are you going?
We should be growing now…”

That’s what she said to me,
But now this thing call love, is now dead to me.

I guess in the beginning, I let my feelings get ahead of me.
Rushed the situation, and the false feelings misled me

I tried to clean the situation up, I tried to practice sanitation.
I don’t even smoke, but she got my mind in heavy rotation.

Hallucinating on the thought of true love, what was I thinking?
Couldn’t catch the signs in time, because I was steady blinking…

Now feelings are scarred because of quick emotions.
We steady swimming in a shore-less ocean.

She backstrokes to the past when, she can’t take the heat.
I tell her time after time, let it go, and butterfly at the swim meet.

Now we can’t stand each other, but we don’t sit still.
Instead of letting go, we hold on to something that isn’t real.

Tyga said f*ck love I’m tired of trying.
I’m like what’s Love, If she’s always crying?’

We don’t even know how we got here; we just dashed into it, now I’m clueless
So many twist and turns, this is more difficult than a Rubiks

I guess it’s about to end, cause we definitely aren’t growing..
Useless trips around the world, but where are we going?

If I could, I would make this world spin a little slower,
But even with that, I don’t think we would get any closer…

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