Realizations and Jameson II

In My coolest Doug Funny voice

“Dear Journal”

Here we go again .. as i sip on this Jameson, I’m closer to realizing things about myself and the people around me. Sip one i realize that I do like being amongst people with good energy. I also realized that i don’t like to force things. I’m sure many people will feel me on this, I absolutely hate wasting my time. So it’s a win when i can go out and enjoy myself, because being the person I am, I know I can find something productive and entertaining to do by myself. Sometime you need that interaction and couple of moments where your among people you don’t get to see often. being a people watcher you see some interesting things. Shots going up, and not just the liquor. A lot of sidestepping and pump faking and eurostepping to the lane. But all in all a lot of people just trying to have fun. People need that escape from reality, some people escape too much, but that’s another blog for another day. I do think it’s important that you find balance with doing the things you love alone as well as enjoying it with other people. It’s ok to recharge and it’s also ok to indulge in ratchet things with your friends.

I also realized that at the end of the day, I do care. I care to be around cool people. I care that the people around me are comfortable and having fun. Deep down I think we all care about those that are around us, because we care about the energy that is around us. This one of the reason why i chill. If I’m not feeling up to something, I don’t force myself to go, because I don’t want to have my energy bringing someone else down. Many shots later, the friendly me emerges and i realize that I want more for people. I genuinely enjoy seeing people happy and making the most out of a situation. I’ve heard that things have been hard for some and seeing people go through things everyday, I just genuinely want everyone to win. And these feelings are still here even after the Jameson has worn off and I’ve had time to recover. I think we as a people need to take the time to look at all options we have when it comes to taking care of ourselves and the people around us. Realize that everything isn’t for everyone and sometime folks need different things or need a break to recharge. I was always told how you treat people was important. I think we have to remember that when it comes to our family, friends,and strangers. I bet y’all thought I was going to be on some negative thinking when i said the Jameson had em writing. But I genuinely just had thoughts of enjoyment happiness and figuring out how i could spread that energy and keep it at same time. So maybe now when I say y’all have fun, I really mean it !

These were just some random thoughts, and i thought would share them…

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