Throwbyke- Pursuing my True Self

Who Am I Who Am I, that’s a question for the books.
Can you look yourself in the mirror and say this is where I want to be?
Or does your reflection show a variety of different looks.
Sometimes I can’t decipher the man standing right in front of me.
I got 99 problems; they got me in the ditches.
I dug my own grave, so its time to mend my own stitches.
First way to fix something is to admit you’re wrong.
So I have lot of lyrics to put in my song.
Letting these bad situations make my heart dense.
Letting the unimportant things outweigh my common sense.
Stop listening to incompetent Chatter.
If it ain’t in the family should it even really matter?
Some of us are Urkels trying to be a Winslow.
It can take a couple seasons before the love shows
I was Too busy worried about the other fish in the sea.
When it was obvious nobody was fishing for me.
Finding yourself only involves you.
Because no one else can go through the trials that you will go through.
When I learn who I truly am, that’s when I can progress.
I realize the struggle is another one of Gods test.
Only I can bubble in the answers to my many questions.
And if I get them right then that’s when I will show affection.Because we are all trapped in mazes of relationships.
But I realized that life goes on with or without you.
As I swim in this sea of the unconscious
I’ll search for your heart, but first I have to pursue my true self..

Poem inspired by Persona 4

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