Throwbyke: Life Changes…

I Found love… But I’m Still looking for it


And thats crazy huh, but thats the life I live

When its my heart that you take, but its your that you won’t give

and thats selfish, but I doubt she will ever notice

Like a florist oblivious to her flowers, I doubt we will ever grow this 

and I usually don’t deal with roses, cause with that you have to take caution. 

because she always on the defense, so her thorns poke me often.

The things you do, the words you say, you do to keep me focused

but when I expect the same for you, you vanish like hocus Pocus

Voila, Magic, but yet we have no future 

I dont wanna neva end, but that “WE” Life just dont suit you……


Now I found Love, but I stopped loving 


My heart you took, I retrieved, and yours I wanted, I forgot

and I picked those petals of her rose, because she loved me not

Angry of the time I wasted, And now I’m watchful of damaged time

And this is the point where most broken hearted people are now asking for a Sign


Now I Found God, when I stopped looking for one…


My heart I relinquished to him, and prayed he watch over yours

collected those rose petals and blew them away, and he opened up new doors.

No Mary J, but that was the real love that I was looking for.

and when you give him yours, thats when you will  receive even more


Now I found Life, now its time to start living 


When you realize that you are blessed, You will realize your pain less.

Thats just a Part of his test, to promote the growth of your flower’s progress

work hard , pray hard, and believe, and you will have your blessings

and in God, yourself , and positivity is what you in invest in

Life Changes, like the seasons, and you may feel its for no reason.

but life changes for the best, when its the right one that you’re pleasing …..

inspired by Casey Veggies- Life changes

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