Marathon Sips, Jack Thoughts ..

Sip sip … this time it’s Gentleman Jack that intoxicates my thoughts. What’s on my mind? Many things and honestly I don’t feel like writing a lot .. but i thought i would share some of things flowing through my mind and maybe they will help you as well.

I still can’t believe Nipsey gone. I didn’t even know this man personally. I’ve met him twice chopped it up with him once, but yet it feels like I lost a family member. Social media has shown me that losing somebody so important to the community is devastating even if you weren’t a fan. I remember times in college and my first job where it Felt like I was just going through the motions or doing things with no motivation .. The Marathon series and Crenshaw taught me to hustle and stay motivated. It helped get me into grindmode So i guess it felt like I lost a mentor. One good thing I’m seeing out of this is that , people genuinely seem ready for positive change. I haven’t seen much negative about Nip. Even LAPD hurt right now and that shows the magnitude of his influence on the city of Los Angeles. My thoughts and others this whole week kinda stem from this tragedy.

Men need to support each other now more than ever. A lot of my homies have been bringing up the fact that there is a stigmatism when it comes to mean genuinely supporting other men. I don’t often throw the toxic masculinity and fragile word around but it is what it is. Many times when things happen out biggest support systems are our women. Far too long has it been weird or out of place to show fellow brothers love. Another thing I’m glad to see out of this situation is that a lot of brothers are coming together to support a legacy left behind. A lot of them are showing emotion with no fear because of the love they had for their brother. It shouldn’t take tragedy to do this. So let’s do better my brother and show not only the women the love and support they deserve , but our brothers as well and with this we will go down as greats.

Things get taken from us at a moments notice. This may be cliche, but we really need to appreciate people, opportunities and ourselves while they are here. We also gotta remember there are some things we can’t control. We may believe it’s unfair or that an opposing force took something from us, but we can’t dwell on it too long. You have the right to feel the way you do and you have the right to take the time to heal. But that’s all the more reason why you need to appreciate what you do have in front of you before it’s gone. I pray that we can live our life long Everything won’t Be here for a while

Check on those that are on your mind. Here i would usually say your friends and loved ones. I still believe that, but sometimes folks are on your mind for a reason. I honestly believe the more positive we are to people around us the better the world will be. People pay attention to how you treat others. People you Interact with everyday may be going through something and you don’t got a clue. I’ve been thinking and I want to be a person that shows love when I can. I could be just Dreaming, but you gotta be the change you want to see.

I really Just want the best for my people and the people interact with everyday. I put my Right hand to God that I’ll do better with myself and for the people around me. I think we have to work on us first in order to influence anybody else to do it real big for the community. As I always say, reach out to folks, or reach out to me if you need a shoulder to lean on and be available to people you care about ( make sure you are good first. They say when it rains it pours , but when you support each other, you can make the weather change.

Those where my thoughts tonight as I sip on this gentleman jack. Luckily i wasn’t up til 4 in the morning, with thoughts running a marathon through my head. Remember to take stuff one day at a time. Take time to process situations, to heal on your time, to work our situations , to achieve your goals. Do what you need to do to face the world. Blessings will come. Like Nip said, it’s a marathon not a sprint, that VictoryLap will come soon….

Rest In Power … Long Live Neighborhood Nipsey

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