The Art of Falling Back

Its been a while since I’ve shared my thoughts on life and the things I’ve discovered navigating through it. Being a social being is something that is thought to be necessary. While I agree, I can’t help but feel that sometimes it can feel a bit draining and unfulfilling. It’s not always at the fault of others. If you feel yourself feeling uneasy, unfulfilled , or unhappy about relationships , friendships, or life, then maybe it’s time that you fall back. So below are my OPINIONS on reasons to fall back

Sometimes you need a break from people or you may have outgrown them. Sometimes a certain crown just isn’t for you at the time. If you feel yourself being annoyed around people, maybe it’s time to take a break from them. It could be that you are fatigued with the company you keep or it could be that your energy is disturbed. Sometimes there are people in your life that do nothing but bring your mood down. It’s ok to let them go. Sometimes when you fall back you learn not only yourself a little better, but you learn the people that surrounded you. After falling back, pay attention to how they treat you and how your mind responds. Do they check on you? Do you still get invites? Are you feeling more upbeat and happy. It is believed that alone time helps build empathy towards others. Stepping away helps you develop empathy from people you aren’t normally around. Sometimes you start to see how much your presence really matters in certain environments and once you discover that , choose wisely about the people you hang around.

People aren’t the only things you need breaks from. Your environment can improve or worsen your mood. Feeling uneasy or bored with something you usually love? It’s a good sign that maybe you should fall back from it for a while. Sometimes you outgrow things you love and other times you just need to give yourself time to miss them. Work getting you down? If you can make sure to use that PTO or take mental health days. Sometimes you need a break to remain efficient and productive.

Social Media is also a place you should routinely fall back from Most of the things I mention in this post are reasons to fall back from social media. It can be a toxic place at times and can really mess with your mental state. You are more focused on others verses yourself, it distracts you from the moment, and it leads you to be less productive. If you find yourself feeling down, or unaccomplished, maybe you should think about taking a step back from social media, as they often present false images of success and happiness that we subconsciously follow.

Fall back to spring forward your future. Many reason to fall back aren’t just to rid yourself of negative energies. Sometime you need to fall back to gain clarity. That alone time gives you an opportunity to plan your life. Taking care of you sometimes isn’t the first priority when others are around. Falling back allows you to allocate time for yourself. It allows you to plan your goals, reflect on progress and mishaps, and think about what changes you want in your life.

Perfect your Craft. That unfulfilling thing I mentioned at the beginning can be fixed by focusing on things you love to do or hope to do. Me personally I’ve fallen back to increase my knowledge in my field as well as the things I want to for my future. While many are blessed to be working for themselves or making money doing what they love, many others are still working out their game plan. Falling back allows you to have more time for your passions, and can help with those feelings of uneasiness and wanting more. It helps build your concentration, sharpens your memory, and increases productivity Alone time sparks creativity and allows your brain the time to wander.

Falling Back can refresh you mentally. While we do in some form have a need to be social, sometimes you just need to be to yourself. It’s easy to lose a sense of self when you never give yourself time alone. That time alone helps you become more comfortable in your own skin. It will help you make decisions without outside influences. It builds self reliance. Again I’ll reiterate to do things you love , enjoy your hobbies and enjoy solitude so that when you are social again, you can enjoy the people and environments more . You will appreciate them and your alone time. All in all alone time recharges your mental battery.

Falling back can be healthy for you. Many will tell you being alone can be harmful, but over indulgence in anything can be harmful. Alone time is needed to grow and keep a peace of mind. The Art of Falling back is all about the balance of self and the people around you. Many of your friends are simply recharging when you don’t hear from them. It doesn’t mean they don’t want to be around or don’t want to be invited to things. They simply are being careful and mindful of their energy and the energy they surround themselves with. The Art of falling back isn’t the art of getting rid of things, but the art of improving and gaining life….

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